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    I created a ninja based form and entered a few test form submittals using a different email address and the forms are  successfully submitted.  I can see all the submissions, BUT i do not receive notifications emails of the submittals to the admin email which happens to be a gmail account.  I contacted inmotion hosting and they tried various thing with no success.  They also submitted some test forms with no different results.  Inmotion technical support recommending submitting the question here.


    I’ve tried when the form is set to private and public.


    Hello Ngarcia24,

    Thank you for contacting us about contact form troubleshooting. This can certainly be frustrating when emails are not going through. Setting up the forms is the first part of the program, and it sounds like that was completed successfully on your end. Next, I advise checking the SMTP settings that WordPress is using to send emails.

    I use the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It is the easiest and most efficient plugin I have found to get email going from within WordPress.

    After you have that installed, go to Settings > Email and input your SMTP settings. Provided you have the correct settings, you should be good to go. I have tested this many times from BoldGrid and always get the desired results.


    Christopher M.



    Thank you for the reply.  Inmotion support installed the plugin you mentioned above.  I went in and checked the settings and saw that i could send a test message.  I sent the test email and received it quickly to my gmail account.  That is the good news.  I submitted a new form and did not receive  the email notification.  What can i try next?


    Hello Ngarcia24,

    Sorry to hear it is still giving you trouble. Have you received any error messages when this occurs? Have you tested with the debug settings enabled in WordPress?

    Also, InMotion Support can check the email server logs to see if the email server is even trying to send the email at all. That can help with troubleshooting as if the server is sending, then the issue is with receiving, if it is not sending, then the issue is still within the WordPress plugin and/or server configuration.

    Kindest Regards,

    Scott M


    hello sir,

    I tried for smtp plugin for mail doesn’t work.It gives error SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Network is unreachable (101)SMTP connect() failed.


    I am having the same issue, any answers on how to fix this yet?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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