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    Casey Stokes

    Wordpress error thrown when using ‘customize’ after Boldgrid and PHP updates. All fully updated.

    Error Details
    An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 82 of the file /home/wp_v8fpez/ Error message: Uncaught Error: Attempt to assign property “notice” on null in /home/wp_v8fpez/
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/wp_v8fpez/ Crio_Premium_Customizer->remove_menu_notices(Object(WP_Customize_Manager))
    #1 /home/wp_v8fpez/ WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array)
    #2 /home/wp_v8fpez/ WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #3 /home/wp_v8fpez/ do_action(‘customize_regis…’, Object(WP_Customize_Manager))
    #4 /home/wp_v8fpez/ WP_Customize_Manager->wp_loaded(”)
    #5 /home/wp_v8fpez/ WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array)
    #6 /home/wp_v8fpez/ WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #7 /home/wp_v8fpez/ do_action(‘wp_loaded’)
    #8 /home/wp_v8fpez/ require_once(‘/home/wp_v8fpez…’)
    #9 /home/wp_v8fpez/ require_once(‘/home/wp_v8fpez…’)
    #10 /home/wp_v8fpez/ require_once(‘/home/wp_v8fpez…’)
    #11 /home/wp_v8fpez/ require_once(‘/home/wp_v8fpez…’)
    #12 {main}

    Brandon C

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for reaching out with and thank you for using Crio Pro WordPress theme!

    Our team had a discussion about an issue that was very similar and we were able to figure out what caused it. The issue was due to custom header templates that were being used in the menu that were unregistered.

    We tested this by opening the Crio > Custom Header Menus dashboard and temporarily moving all custom header to the trash. Once you’ve done this go back to your customizer see if it loads. If it does load you know you have an unregistered custom menu somewhere.

    Try republishing each menu one by one while checking the customizer after each publish. Once you find the problematic menu you can remove it from the “Menus” dashboard or your WordPress site.

    I hope this helps Casey, we look forward to assisting you further with this!

    Casey Stokes


    Thanks for the reply.

    I moved all custom templates to the trash and still getting the same critical-error WordPress message when clicking ‘customize’.

    Brandon C

    Thanks Casey,

    I just wanted to rule that out since it was just recently we saw something similar. It’s safe to republish your menu’s at this time.

    To further your troubleshooting lets try deactivating all plugins with the exception of BoldGrid plugins to see if it is a problematic plugin causing this error. Once you’ve done so try accessing the customizer.

    If your running JetPack I’d definitely temporarily deactivate that and any caching or security plugins you may be running to test this issue. You’ll also want to be sure you’re running the most up to date version of WordPress Core, Crio Theme and Your Crio Premium plugin.

    Thanks Casey

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    Casey Stokes


    I have an active ecommerce section for members – and its the beginning of our season. Can’t do that live during working hours.

    I will note that all of this worked correctly until Dreamhost recommended Crio Premium (Version 1.9.0 ), Boldgrid Inspirations (Version 2.7.4), and PHP (8.1) updates yesterday.

    The only changes before this error occurred were those 3 items being updated to the latest versions.

    Casey Stokes

    Sorry if this double posts – weird browser behavior.

    Can’t disable plugins live right now as there is an active e-commerce section and this is the beginning of our season.

    I can say the only changes before the bug appeared were upgrading to PHP 8.1, Crio 1.9, and Boldgrid Inspirations 2.7.4 at the suggestion of Dreamhost to improve performance.

    Brandon C

    Hi Casey,

    I definitely understand why you wouldn’t want to commit to troubleshooting during working hours. Please try disabling your plugin when you have some downtime. It honestly shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to test this and reactivate all plugins.

    We will see if we can replicate this issue on our end wit PHP 8.1, Crio 1.9, and Inspirations 2.7.4 and keep you updated with our findings.

    It would be a great help if you could provide us with a list of your active plugins. To do so you can just visit the “Plugins” section of your WordPress dashboard and copy/paste your plugin list directly into the thread here.

    Thanks Casey!

    Casey Stokes


    Since is renewal time for us have not been able to troubleshoot plugins yet – but related to our ongoing issues since the update, Dreamhost support has identified below as boldgrid-related issue that is causing massive processor usage/php usage.

    [Fri Mar 10 11:34:31.172470 2023] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 11800:tid 140574957930240] [client] AH01071: Got error ‘Inspirations_Purchase_For_Publish->get_total_cost_to_purchase_for_publishing, Boldgrid_Inspirations_Purchase_For_Publish->create_array_assets_needing_purchase, Boldgrid_Inspirations_Purchase_For_Publish->asset_needs_purchasePHP message: PHP Warning: mysqli_query(): (HY000/3696): The regular expression contains an unclosed bracket expression. in /home/wp_v8fpez/ on line 2187PHP message: WordPress database error The regular expression contains an unclosed bracket expression. for query \n\t\t\tSELECT ID\n\t\t\tFROM wp_s2x2k2_posts\n\t\t\tWHERE\tpost_status IN ( “draft”, “publish” ) AND\n\t\t\t\t\tpost_type IN (“page”,”post”) AND\n\t\t\t\t\tpost_content REGEXP “[\\[][^\\]]+[‘\\”, ]56[^0-9]+.*[\\]]”\n\t\t made by require_once(‘wp-admin/admin-header.php’), do_action(‘in_admin_header’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, wp_admin_bar_render, do_action_ref_array(‘admin_bar_menu’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, Boldgrid_Inspirations_Purchase_For_Publish->toolbar_link_to_mypage, Boldgrid_Inspirations_Purchase_For_Publish->get_total_cost_to_purchase_for_publishing, Boldgrid_Inspirations_Purchase_For_Publish->create_array_assets_needing_purchase, Boldgrid_Inspirations_Purchase_For_Publish->asset_needs_purchase’

    Casey Stokes

    Active Plugin List from previous request:

    Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce
    Settings | Docs | Support | Deactivate
    Export orders from WooCommerce with ease (Excel/CSV/XML/JSON supported)
    Version 3.3.3 | By AlgolPlus | View details

    BoldGrid Easy SEO
    Easily manage your website’s search engine optimization with Easy SEO by BoldGrid!
    Version 1.6.11 | By BoldGrid | View details

    BoldGrid Gallery
    Extend WordPress galleries to display masonry gallery and slider gallery
    Version 1.5.1 | By | Visit plugin site

    BoldGrid Inspirations
    Find inspiration, customize, and launch! BoldGrid Inspirations includes FREE WordPress themes and is the easiest way to launch a new WordPress site complete with custom content.
    Version 2.7.4 | By BoldGrid | Visit plugin site

    Settings | Deactivate
    Easily add any type of CAPTCHA (such as noCaptcha or invisible Captcha) on any website form, including login pages, comments and password reset forms, and also forms by third party plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce & BuddyPress.
    Version 7.1.1 | By WP White Security | View details

    Crio Premium
    Premium features plugin for the BoldGrid Crio theme.
    Version 1.9.0 | By BoldGrid | Visit plugin site

    FileBird Lite
    Settings | Deactivate | Go Pro
    Organize thousands of WordPress media files into folders/ categories at ease.
    Version 5.1.4 | By Ninja Team | View details | Documentation

    Settings | Support | Deactivate
    Security, performance, and marketing tools made by WordPress experts. Jetpack keeps your site protected so you can focus on more important things.
    Version 11.8.4 | By Automattic | View details

    Select Max Mega Menu
    Max Mega Menu
    An easy to use mega menu plugin. Written the WordPress way.
    Version 3.1.1 | By | View details

    Select MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress
    MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress
    Settings | Deactivate
    Mailchimp for WordPress by ibericode. Adds various highly effective sign-up methods to your site.
    Version 4.9.1 | By ibericode | View details | Documentation

    MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Premium
    Add-on for the MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress plugin. Adds Premium functionality when activated.
    Version 4.8.21 | By ibericode | Visit plugin site

    A user and role management plugin that puts you in full control of your site’s permissions. This plugin allows you to edit your roles and their capabilities, clone existing roles, assign multiple roles per user, block post content, or even make your site completely private.
    Version 3.2.2 | By MemberPress | View details

    Modern Events Calendar Lite
    Upgrade | Settings | Deactivate
    An awesome plugin for events calendar
    Version 6.5.6 | By Webnus | Visit plugin site | Upgrade to Pro Version

    My Custom Functions
    Upgrade to PRO | Settings | Deactivate
    Easily and safely add your custom PHP code to your WordPress website, directly out of the WordPress Admin Area, without the need to have an external editor.
    Version 4.51 | By Space X-Chimp | Visit plugin site | Donate

    Post and Page Builder
    Settings | Deactivate
    Customized drag and drop editing for posts and pages. The Post and Page Builder adds functionality to the existing TinyMCE Editor to give you easier control over your content.
    Version 1.22.2 | By BoldGrid | View details

    Post and Page Builder Premium
    Premium extension for the Post and Page Builder.
    Version 1.0.6 | By BoldGrid | Visit plugin site

    Proxy Cache Purge
    Automatically empty cached pages when content on your site is modified.
    Version 5.1.3 | By Mika Epstein | View details

    PW WooCommerce Copy Coupon
    Adds a Copy button to WooCommerce coupons.
    Version 1.24 | By Pimwick, LLC | View details

    Settings | Deactivate
    Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors
    Version 5.3.9 | By John Godley | View details

    Shortcodes Ultimate
    A comprehensive collection of visual components for WordPress
    Version 5.12.8 | By Vova Anokhin | View details

    Theme My Login
    Deactivate | Settings | Extensions
    Creates an alternate login, registration and password recovery experience within your theme.
    Version 7.1.5 | By Theme My Login | View details

    Total Upkeep
    Automated backups, remote backup to Amazon S3 and Google Drive, stop website crashes before they happen and more. Total Upkeep is the backup solution you need.
    Version 1.15.5 | By BoldGrid | View details

    Total Upkeep Premium
    Settings | Deactivate
    Premium extension for the Total Upkeep plugin.
    Version 1.5.9 | By BoldGrid | Visit plugin site

    Video Background Pro
    Getting Started | Deactivate
    Pro version of the popular Video Background plugin on the WordPress repo.
    Version 4.0.5 | By Push Labs | Visit plugin site

    Settings | Deactivate
    An eCommerce toolkit that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.
    Version 7.4.0 | By Automattic | View details | Docs | API docs | Community support

    WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping
    Settings | Deactivate
    WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping is an plugin which allows you to set up advanced free shipping conditions.
    Version 1.1.5 | By Jeroen Sormani | View details

    WooCommerce Max Quantity
    Set a limit for the max quantity of products that can be added to cart, per product. Now with individual product limits.
    Version 1.5.2 | By Isabel Castillo | View details

    WooCommerce Memberships
    Setup | Docs | Support | Review | Deactivate
    Sell memberships that provide access to restricted content, products, discounts, and more!
    Version 1.22.10 | By SkyVerge | Visit plugin site

    WooCommerce Shipping & Tax
    Deactivate | Support
    Hosted services for WooCommerce: automated tax calculation, shipping label printing, and smoother payment setup.
    Version 2.2.3 | By WooCommerce | View details

    WooCommerce Stripe Gateway
    Settings | Deactivate
    Take credit card payments on your store using Stripe.
    Version 7.1.0 | By WooCommerce | View details | Docs | Support

    WooCommerce Subscriptions
    Settings | Docs | Support | Deactivate
    Sell products and services with recurring payments in your WooCommerce Store.
    Version 4.0.2 | By WooCommerce | Visit plugin site

    WooCommerce Subscriptions CSV Importer and Exporter
    Import | Docs | Support | Deactivate
    Import or export subscriptions in your WooCommerce store via CSV.
    Version 2.1.0 | By Prospress Inc | Visit plugin site

    WP Mail SMTP
    Get WP Mail SMTP Pro | Settings | Docs | Deactivate
    Reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use Gmail/Mailgun/SendGrid/SMTP instead of the default mail() and creates an options page to manage the settings.
    Version 3.7.0 | By WPForms | View details

    WP Menu Cart
    Deactivate | Settings
    Extension for your e-commerce plugin (WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads) that places a cart icon with number of items and total cost in the menu bar. Activate the plugin, set your options and you’re ready to go! Will automatically conform to your theme styles.
    Version 2.13.1 | By WP Overnight | View details

    WP Sheet Editor – WooCommerce Orders Pro
    Change License | Opt Out | Deactivate
    View all the orders in a spreadsheet and edit the information easily.
    Version 1.3.3 | By WP Sheet Editor | Visit plugin site

    WPForms Lite
    Get WPForms Pro | Settings | Docs | Deactivate
    Beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin. Use our Drag & Drop form builder to create your WordPress forms.
    Version | By WPForms | View details

    WPS Hide Login
    Settings | Deactivate
    Protect your website by changing the login URL and preventing access to wp-login.php page and wp-admin directory while not logged-in
    Version 1.9.8 | By WPServeur, NicolasKulka, wpformation | View details

    Brandon C

    Thanks Casey,

    Just judging by your list of plugin I’d definitely suggestion the deactivation method to troubleshoot when you have some downtime. I see plugins listed here that could definitely cause issues as some are not always compatible with others and won’t function well unless the proper modifications are made in the code.

    As far as your usage issue, it seems this error is related to your BoldGrid Inspirations plugin. You can safely deactivate this plugin and inspect the site to see if the error is still present.

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