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    Gary Moore

    Hey BG, (Just watched your YT video on ‘video looping & auto play’ Did all that, worked like a sweetie. Just 2 quick points..

    1. The auto-looping works great but the YT videos are not ‘running’ when I arrive at the site, I have to hit play, after that, they auto play great, but I want them running when I get there…

    2.What would I add & where would I add it, if I wanted to constantly mute the audio on the YT videos that are auto-looping or do I have to re-record the vt’s with no audio?

    Thanks Gary..

    Joseph W

    Hi Gary, we are happy to hear that our YouTube Autoplay article was helpful for you!

    One possible explanation for the videos not starting automatically when loading the page could be because of default web browser behavior. Some browsers, like Firefox, disable autoplay for  any video content that is not muted since it can disruptive to the overall user experience. The Troubleshooting section in our YouTube Autoplay article provides some additional information on this and even provides instructions on how to mute your YouTube videos so they start playing as soon as the page loads.

    Hopefully this helps you get your video content displaying as expected and please let us know if you have any other questions for us!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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