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Status Indicators

The status indicators under the Search Visibility section provide advanced SEO configurations. You have the ability here to turn on/off indexing of certain pages. Likewise, you can set links on the page to nofollow. We will explain what these mean and how you can use them in more detail below.


Setting your page to the Yes (index) option means that you are encouraging search engines to index your page. This means that search engines will “crawl” your page, gather information about it, and use the information gathered to server your page as a search result.


Search engine results are improved when sites share “link juice.” If you link to another page, you are sharing your authority with the page you are linking to. These can be internal pages or external pages. In our opinion, it is good to share link juice, so we encourage you to set this option to Yes (follow).

Canonical URLs

The final field available under Search Visibility section allows you to provide a canonical URL for the search engines. In the case of our plugin, this would mean that you are providing an alternate URL to be indexed instead of the one you are working on. Some users may have a need for this, but in most cases you can leave this field blank and it will default to the permalink structure of the page.This is often common in e-commerce where pages may have multiple URLs to the same product. This this case, you want Google and other search engines to only use one “preferred” URL so you are not penalized for duplicate content. If your pages and posts belong to multiple categories and can be reached through more than one URL, it’s best to specify the URL you want search engines to use.

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2 thoughts on “SEO Search Visibility

  1. Hi there,

    I am new to BoldGrid, would you please guide me from where we can set our

    1. “You should try to use your focus keyword phrase at least one time in your SEO Title.” WHILE ” Your SEO Title is a good length, and optimized for search engines! ”

    2. “Try incorporating your focus keyword phrase to your custom SEO Description for better optimization!” WHILE Try incorporating your focus keyword phrase to your custom SEO Description for better optimization! :

    Please guide me how can i put Red button Green……!

    Best Regards,

    Javed Awan.

    • You basically need to fill in the fields. For example, on the Keyword Phrase type in your Target Keyword or Phrase. Once you do, you’ll see the first button go green. You will need to make sure that your Keyword or phrase is being used in your content. You should also make sure the keyword is in the title. A phrase may not always work there, so you may need to ignore the title unless you can match the phrase used. Next you’ll need to click on Title on Description. The keyword phrase is typically placed in the blank as placeholder text, but the Easy SEO plugin doesn’t recognize the text there until you type something in. Notice the character count. They typically want that SEO title to be about 30 characters (at least). Next you need to add your SEO title into the SEO description along with a short description. Remember to stay within the character limit. That should make most everything green in the Easy SEO plugin. Just remember to follow the directions. They tell you what to enter!

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