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Occasionally, you will notice updates available for your BoldGrid products. These updates are available free of charge, and it is recommended that you install them as soon as they become available. Learn how to check for and install theme updates.

  1. Log into BoldGridLog into BoldGrid.
  2. Choose UpdatesUnder Dashboard choose Updates.
  3. Select AllUnder Themes check the box for Select All.
  4. Selections MadeNotice a check mark alongside your themes.
  5. Update ThemesClick Update Themes.
  6. Success!Notice the confirmation of successful installation.

In the previous guide, we learned how to customize menus. The BoldGrid Header/Footer Widget areas allow for a wide variety of customization. Follow along with the example below to see how you can add a Call to Action to the front page of our site using a Text Widget in the Header. This article will show you how to customize header and footer widgets.

  1. CustomizeWithin the viewing area click on the pencil to edit the Call to Action widget.
  2. CustomizeIn the editing window, remove the title text and paste in “Virginia Beach’s Premier Jet Ski Rental”. Next, remove the text paragraph.
  3. CustomizeClick Save & Publish.

You have just added a Call to Action to the front page of your BoldGrid site. You are now ready to proceed to Advanced Options.

With your Inspiration category selected, you are now ready to select a BoldGrid Inspiration Design. If you would like to preview the designs without installing BoldGrid, you can do so at our BoldGrid themes page.

  1. You will see various themes loaded in the Design tab. Since we chose the “General” category, BoldGrid is showing us themes that match our choice. Simply scroll to see even more results.
  2. Hover over the “Wedge” theme and click on it to Preview. If you like what you see, you can simply click on the Select button to proceed.

Great! We’ve now selected our theme to use for our website and we’re ready to Configure and Install Inspiration Content.

Now that you have selected your Inspiration theme and installed your page set, you are ready to start customizing the site. To do this, you will us the Customizer tool to change your site title and logo. In this article, we start with the first tab on the Customizer, the Site Title and Logo tab. Depending on your theme, the site title may be visible on every page.

For this tutorial, you will need to download the images below. You can download them by right-clicking or control-clicking on each image link with your mouse.

Example Logoicon


Selecting Site Title and Logo

Now we are going to choose our site title and replace it in the header of our site with our logo.


  1. Choose Customize and then Active Site from the toolbar.
  2.  Select Site Title & Logo.
  3. Under Site Title fill in VB JetSki Rentals.
  4. Under Site Logo, click Select Image.
  5. Upload FilesClick Upload Files.
  6. Drag the “logo.png” file you downloaded into the window or click Select Files to upload the Logo file.
  7.  Select the logo we uploaded and click Select.
  8. Select Skip Cropping since the image will not look right if we crop it.  
  9. Adjust Logo Size to 199.
  10. Under Site Icon, click Select Image.
  11. Upload the icon.png file you downloaded you your local computer from above. Then click Select.
  12. Click Save & Publish.

  You will now see that the site title has been replaced by our logo image as well as the icon added to your browser tab. 


 Well done! You know how to change your site title & logo in BoldGrid. Continue on to the next section of this tutorial series:  How to Customize Colors.