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We last showed you how to create a Services page and add it to the menu.  The Services page was created using a stock Block template. The new Testimonials page will be created using theme-based Blocks.

Adding the New “Testimonials” Page

  1. 2769-1-click-add-blankHover over Pages and click Add Blank.
  2. 2769-2-add-titleEnter Testimonials in the page name field.
  3. 2769-3-click-add-gridblockClick Add Block.
  4. 2769-4-select-gridblockScroll down and click on the testimonials style Block.
  5. 2769-5-click-insertClick Insert into page.
  6. Click Publish.

Now you have created the Testimonials page. You will need to replace the content with actual testimonials. You can even add the same Block types if you wish to have more testimonials on the same page. The page should look like the one below.


We have decided, however, that the testimonials on the main page are sufficient and wish to remove this page. Join us as we demonstrate how to remove pages from BoldGrid.

When you are working on your WordPress site, you will need to edit the Contact page. This page is filled with stock information that can be easily replaced with the contact information that you want to provide on your site.

Opening the Page for Editing

  1. Click on the Pages option from the left-hand menu.
  2. From the Pages screen, locate the Contact Us page and click the Edit link just below it.

Editing the Contact Us Page

To make changes to your WordPress contact page you will be editing elements on a Block. You will notice that the contact information you filled in during the Inspiration process has been automatically filled into your contact form.

Contact details

The form on the left side of the grid is for your visitors to fill out. They will be prompted for their name, email, subject, and message body. But, maybe you want a different form. If you would like to change the form that your users fill out, hover over the contact form and click the pencil icon to edit or choose a different form.

Edit form

So far we have created our jet ski rental site based on choosing a template and editing the pages, such as the Contact Us” page. Now we want to add a Services page. This will involve learning how to create a Services page by using a Block template, and then modifying it.

Create the New Page

Creating a new page is a fairly simple process:

  1. 2643-1-click-add-newHover over the Pages option from the left-hand menu and click on Add New.
  2. 2643-2-select-servicesYou are presented with various Block templates. Locate the Services Block and click on the Select button.

Your new base Services page has been created. Now, we need to edit the page just like we did with Home and About Us pages. You will need the image below, so right-click on it and save it to your local machine. After that, upload it to your BoldGrid site as you did in the previous articles.


Now we begin by finding the element at the top of the page with the title “What We Offer” and remove that text.

2643-3a-select-title 2643-3b-new-title

Next, we alter the subtitle’s color. Highlight the text and change it from “We’ve something for everyone” to “We have something for everyone” and then select the text color dropdown. Click on the blue option.

2643-4a-select-text-color 2643-4b-blue-text

Next, we want to change the text out. Highlight the three paragraphs in the top area and delete them. From there, paste the text below into the column.

Jetskis are a great way to enjoy the water and an even better way to take the family dolphin watching. We offer models that fit up to 3 people, very stable for seniors and small children. All rentals include a FREE watercraft safety course ($29.95 value).

If you want your children to have an experience of a lifetime and don’t feel like getting wet, let us do the work. We offer kids jet ski rentals for children 11 and under. Don’t worry, though, they won’t be alone. One of our experienced watercraft pilots will make sure they are safe and have the time of their lives!

2643-5a-delete-text 2643-5b-new-text

2643-6a-click-changeTo round out the changes to the top area, we will replace the image with the one we provided earlier. Click on the image and then click on the Change button from the toolbar that appears.

2643-7-click-replaceFind the image and click on it then click the Replace button, skip the cropping for this image.

2643-8-new-image-top-completeThe new image will now take its place in the top area. This area is now complete.

Moving on to the lower section, change the text “Copywriting Options” to “Jet Ski Options” and change the text to red as we did with the blue text above. Change the second text section, “Customize Your Package” to red as well.

2643-9a-old-text 2643-9b-new-red-text

Now we will change out the text below the subtitle with the text located below.

We’re able to apply a number of different options to help ensure you have the experience of a lifetime!

Next, we are going to remove the two columns of options to replace them with the ones for the business. This one is a bit different than previous replacements due to the formatting.
First, highlight all the text and icons, click on the text color icon and select red from the color chart.

2643-10a-change-text-color 2643-10b-red-text

Next, set your cursor next to each icon and hit the backspace key. This will leave you with just the text.

2643-11a-set-to-remove-icons 2643-11b-icons-removed

Now, highlight each section of text and click on the Align Center button.

2643-12a-center-text 2643-12b-text-centered

Replace the existing text with the text below.

$30 Half Hour

$150 Half Day

$50 Full Hour

$250 Full Day

$10 Each Additional Riders

Free Safety Class

 2643-13a-old-text 2643-13b-new-text

We will add one more section to the services. This will entail cloning two rows. First, click the Modify button on the yellow (row) drag handle and click the Clone option.

2643-14a-clone-row 2643-14b-cloned-title

Click and hold on the Move button of one of the yellow (row) drag handles and drag the row to the bottom of the page.

2643-15a-click-move 2643-15b-moved-title

Do the same thing with the last row of prices.

2643-16a-move-row 2643-16b-row-moved

Now change the new title area to “PaddleBoard Options”, remove the subtitle. change the regular text to “We’re here to help you!” and the pricing as below. Also, make the text blue instead of red.

$45 Half Day

$60 Full Day

2643-17a-before 2643-17b-after

Once you have finished all that, click on the Publish button to save your new Services page.

Now your new Services page is complete. It should look just like the one here. We now need to add it to the main menu so it displays on the screen.


Now that you have finished editing the Home page, we will learn how to edit the About Us page. As with the Home page, it already has some stock content. We will be removing and editing the existing data as well as moving some things around on the page. For this demonstration, we will be editing the About Us page that comes with the Wedge theme. But these steps will work with any theme you are using.

Opening the About Us Page

  1. Click on the Pages option from the left-hand menu.
  2. 2241-2-click-pages Hover above About Us and click Edit.

Editing the Content

The “About Us” page contains two primary sections in the Wedge theme. The first section is a “two-shot” with some text on one side and an image on the right side. This is a classic example of the grid system. These two columns will always remain alongside each other unless the device you are viewing them through (like a phone or tablet) places them in a vertical (rather than horizontal) arrangement. 

To edit the text, just click inside the text areas and begin making your changes.

Edit page Edit text

Using Image filters

You can also use image filters to change the look of your image, just like you would with Photoshop or Instagram. All you need to do is select your image and click the Image Filter button.

Then select the filter you would like to use.

Select image filter

A common task in editing a WordPress site is learning how to add a page to the menu.  This can be done using the Customize option. 

how to Add a Page to the Menu

  1.  2716-1-click-customize  When you are logged into the BoldGrid admin, click on Customize.

     2716-1-customize-menu-barYou can also be logged in as an administrator viewing the website. You can select Customize from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click on the Menus tab from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on Primary.
  4. Click the Add Items button.
  5. Click on Pages.
  6. Select the page that you wish to add from the Pages list. As an example, we are adding “Add this page” as per the screenshot at right. Click on the plus sign to the left of the page title to add the page to your menu.  It will change to a checkmark to confirm your selection.
  7.  Click Save & Publish to save the menu changes.

Now you can visit the site and see the new addition to the menu.  Congratulations! You have learned how to add a page to the menu.

Before   After