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After working with the background tab, we are ready to move on to the “Fonts” tab. Here you will customize fonts for your BoldGrid site. All the fonts in BoldGrid are available for free use and do not require third-party plugins.

  1. Choose Fonts.
  2. For our sample site, we decide we only want to change the font for the menu. Select Menus.
  3. Adjust the Primary Menu Font to Open Sans Condensed and  Primary Menu Font Size to 13.
  4. Click Save & Publish.
Before After

Now you know how to customize fonts in BoldGrid. You may now proceed to the next tutorial for customizing menus.

One of the premium features of BoldGrid is the Staging option. Staging is a location created to hold a second website within the BoldGrid Administrative Dashboard. Staging allows you to create a new or “staged” site while you still have an “Active” or “live” site. This means you can work on building your new site without removing your current and visible WordPress website. It’s important to remember that the Staging site is not visible to the public. In this article, we will set up staging to show how you can build another website without your existing site.

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