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We successfully created a Testimonials page but after looking at the front page, have decided that we like the testimonials there. We no longer wish to have a separate page. Here we show how to remove a page from a BoldGrid site.

Trashing the Testimonials Page

  1. 2780-1-click-pagesClick on Pages.
  2. 2780-2-click-trashHover over the Testimonials page and click on the Trash link.

While this removes the page from the site, it is still saved in the Trash area. To delete it permanently, continue with the next steps. Congratulations!  You now know how to remove the testimonials page from your WordPress site.

Deleting the Page Permanently

  1. 2780-3-click-trashClick on the Trash link.
  2. 2780-4-click-deleteHover over the page and click the Delete Permanently link.

The page is now completely removed from your BoldGrid site.

We last showed you how to create a Services page and add it to the menu.  The Services page was created using a stock Block template. The new Testimonials page will be created using theme-based Blocks.

Adding the New “Testimonials” Page

  1. 2769-1-click-add-blankHover over Pages and click Add Blank.
  2. 2769-2-add-titleEnter Testimonials in the page name field.
  3. 2769-3-click-add-gridblockClick Add Block.
  4. 2769-4-select-gridblockScroll down and click on the testimonials style Block.
  5. 2769-5-click-insertClick Insert into page.
  6. Click Publish.

Now you have created the Testimonials page. You will need to replace the content with actual testimonials. You can even add the same Block types if you wish to have more testimonials on the same page. The page should look like the one below.


We have decided, however, that the testimonials on the main page are sufficient and wish to remove this page. Join us as we demonstrate how to remove pages from BoldGrid.