Restore single files in Total Upkeep

How to Restore Single Files using Total Upkeep Premium

Total Upkeep WordPress Backup Plugin

If you have purchased the Total Upkeep Premium extension, then you have added further functionality to this excellent tool. One of the things that you can do with the Premium version is to restore single files from a backup. In order to perform a file restoration, you will need to have a backup. Single file restores cannot be done without the Total Upkeep Premium version installed.

Restoring a file from your Backup

  1. Login to the BoldGrid Administrator Dashboard.
  2. Scroll down the menu and then click on Total Upkeep.
  3. The default page that you see will be the Scheduling page. Click on the tab labeled Backups.
  4. If you have any backups made with Total Upkeep, then you will see them listed. Note: If you have not made any backups, then you will not be able to restore a file. Click on the View Details button to proceed.
  5. The next screen is titled Backup Archive Details. Scroll down to the section labeled Backup Browser.
  6. Here you can select the individual file that you wish to restore. Click on the file that you wish to restore.
  7. You will see two options: Restore this file or Find other options to restore. Click on Restore this version in order to restore the file

Congratulations! You now know how to use the Single File restoration option for the Total Upkeep Premium Extension.




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