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Total Upkeep WordPress Backup Plugin

The Total Upkeep WordPress plugin helps you focus on productivity with options to automate theme and plugin updates and restore backups when updates are unsuccessful. The following will guide you through configuring automatic WordPress updates with Total Upkeep.

Set Up Automatic WordPress Updates

  • In the Dashboard, Navigate to Total UpkeepSettings
  • Select Auto Updates
  • Enable Auto Backup before updates
  • Specify WordPress Core update types to auto-update
  • Specify Plugins to auto-update
  • Specify Themes to auto-update

Congratulations! You now know how to configure Automatic WordPress Updates for your BoldGrid website to help protect you from issues that can occur when upgrading. Now is a great time to take your first backup, to ensure you have a restore point at any time in the future.




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2 thoughts on “Configure Automated WordPress Updates with Total Upkeep

    • Hi Luciano, thanks for your question!

      Are your backups being run because of auto updates? You can see what triggered a backup by going to Total Upkeep > Backup Archives > and clicking on “View details” for a backup. Then click “Show” next to “More info”.

      You should see a section that says “Backup triggered by”.

      • If it shows a WordPress username, that user manually created a backup.
      • If it says “Cron” or “WP Cron”, it was a scheduled backup.
      • If it says, “Auto Update”, then an automatic update triggered the backup.

      I created a video to show you exactly what I am referring to:

      I hope this helps.

      – Brad

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