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Total Upkeep WordPress Backup Plugin

The Total Upkeep WordPress Backup plugin includes many different features that can help you manage your BoldGrid website. The Tools portion of the WordPress Backup Plugin includes an option to view a running history of the changes when you install the Premium version of the Total Upkeep plugin. To see the History, follow the directions.  Remember that these steps only apply after you have installed the Premium version.

How to use WordPress Activity History

  • Log in to the WordPress Dashboard
  • In the menu at the left scroll down and then hover over (or click) on Total Upkeep
  • Click on Tools (either the menu item or the tab)
  • Click on History

You will then see a list of the most recent changes to your site.  These changes include version changes, plugin updates, backups created, theme updates, etc.  Basically, everything that has changed with your installation is tracked and recorded here.  You will three columns listing the changes:  Date, User, and Action.



Total Upkeep Premium 

   3 Remote Storage Options
   Additional Tools + Single File Restorations

These instructions require the Premium Upgrade.

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