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Set Total Upkeep Schedules with WP-CLI

Total Upkeep WordPress Backup Plugin

Although you can schedule Total Upkeep backups within the dashboard, advanced users can manage the WordPress backup plugin settings faster using WordPress Command Line Interface (WP- CLI) commands to schedule, list, and clear backup schedules.

Note: You must have WP-CLI installed and SSH access to continue. You’ll need to ask your hosting provider if SSH, cPanel Terminal, and WP-CLI are available. You can also install WP-CLI manually.

Schedule WordPress Backup with WP-CLI

  • Log in to SSH or cPanel Terminal
  • Navigate to your WordPress directory – usually public_html
  • To ensure you’re in the right website directory, type:
    wp option get home && wp option get siteurl
  • Set the schedule. Days are numbered 0-6 for Sunday through Saturday. Time is set for 24 hours. For example, to set a backup schedule for every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 PM:
    wp bgbkup schedule set --days=3,6 --time=2300
  • To list all current schedules, type one of the following:
    wp bgbkup schedule list
    wp bgbkup schedule show
  • To remove all backup schedules:
    wp bgbkup schedule clear

Read more with the command wp bgbkup schedule help. Learn more about WP-CLI on




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