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Depending on your Web Hosting environment, you may wish to control the compression method that the Total Upkeep plugin uses on your WordPress backups.

The available compressors are PclZip, ZipArchive, and System Zip. You can check to see the available compressors in your system by visiting the Preflight Check menu. The plugin will detect which compressors you have available on your system, and choose one automatically.

Most of the time, you won’t need to change this setting manually. However, there may be times when it’s advantageous to switch your compressor manually, particularly if your hosting environment has a low PHP Memory Limit that you’re unable to change yourself. If you need to switch your compressor, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Total Upkeep -> Settings -> Backup Process
  2. Choose your preferred Backup Compressor, PclZip, ZipArchive, or System Zip.
  3. Click Save Settings.
  4. Run a manual backup to ensure that your new compressor is working correctly.

Generally speaking, System Zip is fastest with the lowest performance cost, however, the PHP-based Zip options have more flexibility when it comes to making WordPress backups.




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