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Total Upkeep WordPress Backup Plugin

The Total Upkeep WordPress backup plugin allows you to exclude WordPress files or database tables when taking a backup. This is helpful in many cases, including being able to take a quick WordPress database backup, or excluding parts of your media library. The following guide will walk you through the steps to exclude either.

Excluding Files or Folders


  • In the Dashboard, navigate to Total UpkeepBackup Archive
  • Select Backup Site Now
  • In the Files section, select Custom Backup
  • Use the Include and Exclude fields to adjust which files are included in your backup.

Excluding Database Tables From your WordPress Database Backup

  • In the Database Section, select Custom Backup
  • Deselect any tables you do not wish to include in your Backup

Congratulations! You now know how to exclude files or tables from Backups using Total Upkeep, the best WordPress Backup Plugin.




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