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Total Upkeep WordPress Backup Plugin

The Total Upkeep plugin gives you the ability to schedule regular WordPress backups. But, how often should you backup your WordPress website? We will now go over some of the factors to take into account when deciding when to perform backups. This will help you determine the best backup schedule for your website needs.

How often Should You Backup Your WordPress site?

How often do you update your site?

If you do not update your site regularly, it may not be necessary to backup as often. But, if you are set to automatically apply any new updates, we recommend enabling auto-updates in Total Upkeep. This will perform a backup any before any plugin or theme updates are applied.

How often do you release new content?

Do you release content daily, weekly, or monthly? You should take this into account when you are scheduling backups. If you are pushing out new content all the time, we recommend performing backups more frequently too.

Do you sell Anything?

If you sell products online it is recommended to perform database backups regularly. Since your sales are stored in the database, it will also backup your sales. If you sell a lot of products daily, you should perform the database backup more often.

Is there upcoming server maintenance?

Are you aware of a regular server update schedule? You should schedule backups well ahead of any maintenance to allow them time to complete. You do not want to perform backups during maintenance since it can use up the server’s resources and slow down the maintenance.

Do you store emails on the server?

If you are using IMAP and storing emails on the server, consider contacting your email host to schedule backups that include email. This will protect your email folders that are stored on the server in case they ever need to be recovered.

Additional Tips

We hope this guide has helped you determine the best backup schedule for your website. Here are some other things to take into account when you are scheduling backups.

  • Choose days that are less likely to have visitors.
  • Consider upcoming holidays or special occasions and how they can affect your traffic.




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