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Total Upkeep Premium 

   3 Remote Storage Options
   Additional Tools + Single File Restorations

These instructions require the Premium Upgrade.

We are excited to announce the release of our Total Upkeep plugin, but you might know it better as BoldGrid Backup.  We originally designed BoldGrid Backup to be the most complete backup solution available for WordPress websites. Along the way to creating a great backup plugin, we kept adding features like automatic update management and site health notifications, that have transformed it into something so much greater than just a backup manager.

One of the most exciting features of Total Upkeep, and the main reason we decided to rebrand the Backup plugin, is the ability to automate plugin and theme updates.  Plugin and theme developers are constantly releasing new updates for their products to adapt to the ever-changing WordPress ecosystem and many of these are security updates. Using outdated plugins and themes on your website is one of the easiest ways to get hacked and Total Upkeep makes it easy to keep your website secure.

Another feature that goes along with automatic updates is rollback protection.  Sometimes when updating plugins, especially when running a lot of updates all at once, there are some errors that can crash your website. When enabled, Rollback Protection will take a full backup of your website before running the updates and restore it from that backup if anything goes wrong during the update process.

Total Upkeep is also the easiest and fastest way to migrate your website to another host or to a staging environment like Cloud WordPress. This allows you to easily make updates to your website in a safe environment, and deploy those changes back to your live site with the click of a button.

With all these new features we no longer felt it was appropriate to label BoldGrid Backup as just a backup solution and have decided to change the name to Total Upkeep to better reflect what it is capable of.  Total Upkeep will still offer all of the features you have come to expect from BoldGrid Backup and changing the name affords us the ability to add even more features to our favorite plugin to make it the best choice for easily maintaining your WordPress websites.