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  • in reply to: BoldGrid blocks not loading #23178

    “Add Block” button suddenly out of nowhere it is NOT working.

    Why? What to do now?

    in reply to: How Can I Add a Background Video to Front Page? #24256


    Any update on this?  Can’t a row or section have a video background?

    in reply to: How to Make Dropdown Menus? #24453

    Also have same problem. No matter how many times I follow tut it does not work.

    in reply to: Using a host that is not a partner #21991

    Hello thank you for your response. My main issue is loading the complete website. I used the tutorial to download a backup, but I don’t want to rebuild my site on WordPress under GoDaddy hosting. Basically, I didn’t know they didn’t have hosting set-up so I’m doing this all backwards. 🙁 Are there tutorials on how to do the transfer and keep the site intact that was built?

    in reply to: How to Make Dropdown Menus? #24455

    You have not answered his original question. I too have the same challenge. The link you provided does not explain it.

    in reply to: Unable to Save Changes #23301

    To save your changes, simply select Publish.  As long as you are working with the staging site and not the active site, the changes are only visible to you. Selecting Publish saves the changes to your staged site.

    in reply to: Fatal Error in BoldGrid Backup #22040

    Thank you.  I also posted this again when I couldn’t find this answer.  Sorry for the duplicate posting.

    in reply to: background image is different than what I put in customizer #22058

    I can replicate this error every time I view the live website from multiple browsers and devices. It appears correctly in WP admin and the changes have been published. But the changes are not appearing in the live site.

    in reply to: background image is different than what I put in customizer #22059

    I’m seeing the error on the live website in 2 different browsers and my client is seeing the error on her browser as well. I don’t see the error when previewing the changes in WordPress. Everything looks perfect in WordPress, but the changes are not translating to the live site.

    in reply to: What is causing fatal error when I try to activate #22737

    Oh can I EVER chime in here. JETPACK!!!!! Comments!! I tried Jetpack (big mistake) with Boldgrid. Toggled comments background to dark, (bigger mistake) then toggled them back to white–which was a no-go. This was my last straw for testing it anyway, so I uninstalled Jetpack and replaced it with another commenting tool. This is when the fun started. The new tool still retained the “dark” theme–however, this then means white text on white background. LOVELY. I checked the CSS of the comment plugin and it does not control text color, which means the theme does.

    Well no problem there right? Except JETPACK also does! Somehow Jetpack managed to write inside the theme’s space, or vice versa.

    The next thing that happens? Stage delivers Internal server error. Then customizing the active theme delivers 500 internal server error.

    So I completely uninstalled Inspirations, but left the stage (mistake) and the building blocks (bigger mistake). Flushed cache, checked CPANEL file manager. All good. Re-installed Inspirations, instant fatal error. (pretty close to the above)

    So I got smart. Fully removed Boldgrid from the site. Checked file manager, Yep, gone. Do a fresh install from Softaculous. Whaddayaknow? FATAL ERROR.

    Here’s the error, anonymized:

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘BoldgridLibraryLibraryLicense’ not found in /home/Userxx/MyWebsite.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/boldgrid-inspirations/vendor/boldgrid/boldgrid-inspirations-premium/src/Premium/Attribution.php:39 Stack trace: #0 /home/Userxx/MyWebsite.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/boldgrid-inspirations/boldgrid-inspirations.php(64): BoldgridInspirationsPremiumAttribution->__construct() #1 /home/Userxx/MyWebsite.com/wp/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php(1897): include(‘/home/Userxx/co…’) #2 /home/Userxx/MyWebsite.com/wp/wp-admin/plugins.php(178): plugin_sandbox_scrape(‘boldgrid-inspir…’) #3 {main} thrown in /home/Userxx/MyWebsite.com/wp/wp-content/plugins/boldgrid-inspirations/vendor/boldgrid/boldgrid-inspirations-premium/src/Premium/Attribution.php on line 39

    in reply to: Header Customization #22049

    Thank you so much for responding!  I was able to figure it out by changing the horizontal and font size of the header.  Thanks again!

    God bless you


    in reply to: How to remove background image overlay #24084

    Hi, I have chosen to use the Venetian theme. However I can’t seem to remove the “Special Thanks” link in the footer. The Office photo that appears within the Special Links is not being used on my website, I’ve even deleted the photo permanently from my media folder. I’d like the Special Thanks link to be removed , and am not using the Theme photo. Has anyone been able to figure out how to  have both removed? Thank you.

    in reply to: Why is there a random picture under the header on every page? #22095

    I’ve changed the background image already, but it only shows on the home page. On every other page I still see a random pattern.

    in reply to: Support through live chat. #22117
    <span lang="en">They do not have chat, I recommend the chat. At least for beginners in boldgrid.
    Another query:
    1. It is necessary that if a client of mine wants to make a simple web page, have to install wordpress?
    I ask this question since I am going to offer the webpage service through the internet with the DO IT YOURSELF system. then the client would log in and have access to a page builder, in this case BOLDGRID.
    I hope you understand.</span>

    Hello – I’m having the same issue. No matter how i get to the footer, “edit” lets me into just the “Built with…” line, not the Copyright line below it. Somehow i was able to change it in 2017, but haven’t been able to get into it at all this year to change it. Shona it looks like you were able to take the date off entirely, do you remember how you were able to get in to do that?  For reference, my site is capstonebks.com, i can edit all the items in my footer (badges, Built with… line) just not the Copyright line. Thanks!!

    in reply to: Inspirations: Error fetching categories #22370

    My hosting team was kind enough to dig into this pesky error.  They claim this is due to MultiSite being installed and that Bold Grid is not compatible.  The instructions to revert tot he Single Site option are lengthy and detailed.  Might there be a Bold Grid solution on the way to work with MultiSite? MultiSite was installed by error but of course allows 1 or more sites.

    in reply to: Copying active page to staging doesn’t work? #22153

    I am using the “Customizer” theme.  The BoldGrid staging version is 1.5.

    in reply to: How do you copy a site from Active to Staging? #24695

    The above dialogue was from January 2017.  This is August 2018.  Has BoldGrid made any modifications in the ensuing 19 months to allow the active site to be copied to staging?  This is extremely frustrating………

    in reply to: Changing Background White Color Below Site Title Widget #22172

    Hi JT, thanks for your response.  Can you tell me what that CSS code would be?  Thanks

    Thanks, John-Paul. I tried to submit it to google using submit-url but google is failing to verify ownership. I’ve tried uploading the file to http://thenaturalcache.com/google<info from google> and also adding a DNS record on my DN provider page.

    any suggestions?



    Excellent! Thank you!

    Thanks for that. I did a search on site:<URL> which doesn’t find my site so it’s not indexed yet. According to google console one method to get it indexed is to add a DNS record pointing to google-site-verification <security code>. Have added this but takes time for the update to be seen.

    If you can check my site that would be great. http://thenaturalcache.com



    Thanks for that. It’s not showing up with the site:<url> search so I have added a DNS record on my DN provider site. They flash a message saying it will take up to 48 hours to roll out. In the mean time feel free to check my site: http://thenaturalcache.com

    Peace to all,


    in reply to: Adding a Download link #22200

    I don’t want a Google Link. I want people to be able to download (not upload) a pdf file.

    in reply to: How Can I Remove the Special Thanks Link? #24834

    I have removed all the images that require attribution. Now I would like to remove the link. Is this possible?

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