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The background tab inside of the Customizer within BoldGrid allows you to modify the background of the BoldGrid theme you are using. This allows you to customize the look and feel of your website and make it your own. Often times, BoldGrid users will want to use specific colors to create a “branding” effect for their business.

  1. Log into the BoldGrid Dashboard.
  2. Click Customize in the left-hand menu pane.
  3. Click the Background tab.BoldGrid Background Menu Highlight
  4. Explore the left-hand panel to make your desired changes. The menu option scrolls through all of the background patterns and then to the background image section as per the second part of the image at right. 
    Option Description
    Image Click this button to use an image for your website background.
    Pattern & Color Select this button to choose a pattern, or color as the background, instead of an image.
    Background Image This section gives you options to Remove or Change your background image.
    Background Effects Here you can choose if you want the background image to be Fixed, Scroll, or use a Parallax effect.
    Background Image Size Select how you want the background image size to display. Options are Cover Page, Scaled to Fit, Full Width, Full Height, Default, or Do Not resize.
    Horizontal Background Position Use the available slider to move the background image Left, or Right.
    Vertical Background Position Use the available slider to move the background image Up, or Down
    Repeat Background Image Check to enable or disable the background image to repeat or not.
  5. After you make the changes you want (and preview them live in the preview pane) click the Save & Publish button.




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