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In this article, we will walk you through editing menus and adding menus to your BoldGrid theme from the WordPress customizer. You can choose from a variety of menu locations to add drop-down menus to pages, categories, and more.

Menus are the primary navigation method for your site visitors. They will be using the menus to learn more about your site, navigate between pages, and interact with your site offerings. For business owners, menus provide an opportunity to communicate your goals and values to your customer as well as an avenue for them to communicate with you.

It is less likely a visitor will stay on your site long enough to read it if they find difficulty navigating pages. Designers should provide an easy path for visitors to follow, and BoldGrid adds all the functionality you will need to do this right from the WordPress customizer. If you are not already logged into your WordPress admin menu, go ahead and log in now to get started.

  1. Click CustomizeClick the Customize button.
  2. Choose MenusChoose Menus.

You may notice you have some default menus already installed. These menus will have a name and a current location. BoldGrid comes with a series of Menu Locations you can use.

  • Primary Menu
  • Top of Footer
  • Secondary Menu, Above Header
  • Top Right, Above Header
  • Footer Center

If a menu is currently occupying one of those locations, you can see the name of the menu in parentheses.

Adding Menus

  1. Add a menuClick Add a Menu.
  2. Name the new menuGive your menu a name.
  3. Create menuClick Create Menu.
  4. Assign menu locationSelect a location for your menu.

Adding New Pages to Your Menu

After choosing a menu location for your new menu, you will notice the Menu Options below. If you would like a new menu item to appear for new pages, check the box labeled Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu. Continuing along in this WordPress Customizer series, you are going to learn more about using Widgets in your site.

If you are a new visitor and have not started using BoldGrid, you can download the free plugin now to start building a beautiful WordPress theme.




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2 thoughts on “Edit and Add Menus from the WordPress Customizer

  1. New menu items appear for newly added pages even though I do NOT have “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu” checked. How do I keep it from automatically adding them?

    • Hello Peggy-
      The only reason I can think of for this behavior is that you may have more than one menu. Each menu has this setting independently of the others, so you may be unchecking the option on a different one than the one you’re seeing. One way you can be sure that you’re editing the correct menu is to use the “Pencil” button next to the one you need to edit in your customize menu:
      The edit menu

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