How to Customize Menus | BoldGrid

In our previous article, we customized the fonts for our site. We will now show you how you can customize menus and social media buttons for your BoldGrid site.

Menu Locations

The first option available under Menus is Menu Locations. Our main menu is currently located at the top of the page. Here we will add the main menu to the footer area.

  1. Choose Menus.
  2.  Click Menu Locations.


  3. 1760-03-set-primary-footerSelect Primary from the Footer Section dropdown.
  4. 1760-05-click-saveClick Save & Publish.

Social Media Options

The social media section is where you will add your social media accounts.

  1. CustomizeClick on Social Media in the Menus section.
  2. CustomizeClick on the Facebook option and paste “” into the URL field.
  3. CustomizeClick on the Twitter option and paste “” into the URL field.
  4. CustomizeClick on the Google Plus option and click Remove.
  5. CustomizeClick on the LinkedIn option and click Remove.
  6. CustomizeClick on the YouTube option and paste “” into the URL field.
  7. CustomizeClick on the Save & Publish.

Well done! You have just learned how to customize menus in BoldGrid. You may now proceed to customizing header/footer widgets.




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