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Widgets are small blocks that perform a specific function, and they are a significant component in web design. For example, if your business has a Twitter feed, various social media accounts, or a calendar of upcoming events, you can add these as widgets to display on all the pages of your site.

This allows your visitors to engage more actively with the content of your site and share your content with others.

You will be able to see a list of widgets and what they do when you are ready to use them. From within the WordPress Customizer, you can easily add and edit widgets. BoldGrid makes these modifications easy to apply.

  1. Click CustomizeClick the Customize button.
  2. Click on the Widgets Tab. 
  3. Hover over a widget area and you will see on the screen where the widgets would be placed if added:
  4. Select a widget area to add more areas to hold widgets.
  5. Click add a widgetClick Add a Widget to choose from a selection of available widgets.

How to Add More Widget Areas to the Header and/or Footer

  1.  Choose Header Widgets or Footer WidgetsWhile  you are in the Customizer, you can also add more widget areas.  Click Header Widgets or Footer Widgets under the widget areas. 
  2. Choose how many widget areas you would like to displayChoose a number for how many widgets areas you would like to display.

When you go back to your Widgets menu, you will see the new Header or Footer widget area available to hold more widgets.

Well done on completing this tutorial about using widgets in the WordPress Customizer. Now you should proceed on to the Advanced section of the Customizer.




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2 thoughts on “How to Use Widgets in the WordPress Customizer

    • Hello Alex,
      By default, BoldGrid Themes handle the Social Media icons as a Menu, not a widget. If you do need to use the social media menu as a widget, choose the Navigation Menu type of widget and select your Social Media Menu from the options there. Or, you can check out these many other social media widgets available on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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