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WordPress Tutorials

While BoldGrid makes building a nice basic site very easy, there are other features you may want to add to your site. This category provides WordPress Tutorials for you to learn how to perform more specific tasks.

New to WordPress?

If you are a new WordPress user, or still deciding if WordPress is right for you, BoldGrid has articles to help. You can also try WordPress for free in the cloud.

Getting Started with WordPress

How to reset your WordPress password
How to update themes and plugins
How to use the WordPress editor
How to set the Featured Image

Moving a Website to WordPress?

Move from Blogger to WordPress
Move from to self hosted WordPress

What is BoldGrid?

BoldGrid 101
What plugins does BoldGrid replace?

WordPress Website Builders

WordPress is a powerful platform but it can be overwhelming for new users. BoldGrid was originally created to cut this learning curve by adding drag and drop functionality to the default WordPress editor. While this feature has now been incorporated into core, BoldGrid’s Post and Page Builder provides more control over page layouts.

How to install the Post and Page Builder
How to use the Post and Page Builder
How to create reusable blocks

Maintaining a Current Site?

Once you have a site up and running, maintaining it is easier with BoldGrid. Having a current backup of your website is a critical element for website security.

How to install the Total Upkeep Backup Plugin
How to create a website backup
How to restore from a backup
How to set up auto backups

Faster WordPress Websites

Website speed testing
WordPress performance optimization