WordPress Tutorials

BoldGrid makes building a nice, basic WordPress website very easy, but there are other features you may want to add to your website. This category provides WordPress Tutorials for you to learn how to perform more specific tasks such as logging into WordPress, installing WordPress, adding functionality and much, much more.

New to WordPress?

If you are a new WordPress user, or still deciding if WordPress is right for you, BoldGrid has articles to help you learn all about WordPress and its many available plugins. You can also try WordPress for free in the cloud if you are still on the fence.

Start a business online with WordPress in just 5 steps

Getting Started with WordPress

In this section, we have articles that are geared towards the WordPress beginner. Find out how to login to your WordPress website, migrate to WordPress, reset your WordPress password, post content on your blog and much more! We have the articles you need to get started.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What’s the difference?
How to Install WordPress
How to install a WordPress Plugin – step by step
How to install a WordPress Theme – step by step
How to create a navigation menu in WordPress
How to create a Blog page
How to reset your WordPress password
How to update your WordPress themes and plugins
Understanding the WordPress Permalink settings
How to delete pages in WordPress
How to stop automatic p and nbsp tags in WordPress
What is the Site Health tool?

Moving a Website to WordPress?

Move from Blogger.com to your own WordPress website
Move from WordPress.com to a self hosted WordPress Website

Working with the WordPress Editor (Gutenberg)

Introduction to the new WordPress editor
How to use the WordPress editor
How to set the featured image for your WordPress posts
View all WordPress Editor tutorials

What is Full Site Editing?

WordPress Tips & Tricks

How to display WordPress recent posts by category
How to edit the WordPress Password Protected page
How to add anchor links in WordPress – step by step
How to create a horizontal navigation menu in WordPress
How to embed a Google calendar in your page content
4 Ways to change your website URLs
How to refresh your website permalinks
What is a CSS media query?
How To use Google Chrome developer tools to customize CSS
How to remove the allowed tags section for comments
How to add a PDF to a page or post
How to translate your WordPress website with Weglot
How to capture JavaScript Errors in your WordPress Website

What is BoldGrid?

BoldGrid 101: What is BoldGrid?
BoldGrid System Requirements
What plugins does BoldGrid replace when building a WordPress website?
Plugins to enhance BoldGrid

WordPress Website Builders

WordPress is a powerful platform to create a website, but it can be overwhelming for new users. BoldGrid was originally created to cut this learning curve by adding drag and drop functionality to the default WordPress editor. While this feature has now been incorporated into core, BoldGrid’s Post and Page Builder provides more control over page layouts.

How to install the Post and Page Builder for WordPress
How to use the Post and Page Builder for WordPress
How to create reusable content blocks for WordPress

Maintaining a Current Site?

Once you have a site up and running, maintaining it is easier with BoldGrid’s Total Upkeep. Total Upkeep is a WordPress Backup Plugin that helps you to manage your updates and much, much more. Having a current backup of your website is a critical element for website security. Having the right tool is crucial.

How to install the Total Upkeep Backup Plugin for WordPress
How to create a WordPress website backup using Total Upkeep
How to restore from a backup using our WordPress Backup Plugin, Total Upkeep
How to set up automatic backups in WordPress
How to set up Google Analytics for WordPress
How to interpret WordPress Errors

WordPress Hosting

Separate domain registration and WordPress hosting
My WordPress Hosting has expired, how do I recover my site?
Where is my WordPress site hosted?

Faster WordPress Websites

Studies all over have shown us that the speed of your website directly correlates to the conversion rate of your pages. Make the most of your online presence by giving your users the experience they want. Speed up your WordPress Performance with W3 Total Cache and Speed Coach by BoldGrid.

Website speed testing with Speed Coach by BoldGrid
WordPress performance optimization how to guides & tutorials

Advanced WordPress Tutorials

Change your theme with WP-CLI
Change your theme with phpMyAdmin
Disable a plugin with WP-CLI
Disable a plugin with FTP or File Manager
Checking WordPress core files with WP-CLI

How to install the NGINX Helper plugin
Enabling Purge in the NGINX Helper plugin

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme
How to Install the BoldGrid Starter Child Theme

Working with GitHub