How to Add Categories and Tags in the Gutenberg editor

When you use Categories and Tags with your posts and pages, you provide a method for organizing your content and make it much easier for website visitors to find your content. The Categories and Tags option is not a new feature for WordPress, but the interface for using them in the Gutenberg editor is a little be different. Follow the instructions below in order to learn how to add categories and tags in the Gutenberg editor.

Note that the Gutenberg editor has been integrated directly into the WordPress Administrator dashboard as of WordPress version 5.0. It is now the default WordPress editor.


  1. Login to your WordPress Administrator Dashboard.
  2. Open an existing draft of a page or post in the editor. You can also create a new page or post.
  3. In the right column to the right of the page, you will see a section labeled Categories and Tags. Click on it to open it (if it’s not already open).
  4. Click in the Category Name to type in a new category. Once you have the name entered, click on Add New Category to save it. Note that you can set the Category to be a Parent Category by leaving the drop-down menu set to None. If you want it to be the child category of an existing category then select a Category as the parent in the drop-down menu.
  5. Make sure that the checkbox is selected in order for the category to apply to your page or post. You can also uncheck the box if you don’t want the category to apply to your page or post.
  6. In order to add a Tag, scroll down beneath the Category section and you will see the section labeled Tags. Click in the field to type in a new tag.
  7. After you have finished typing the tag name, hit your enter key. It will then automatically add the Tag. If you don’t want the tag, you can click on the ‘x’ in order to remove the tag.
  8. Click on Update or Publish in the top right corner to save your entries or changes.

You should now have an understanding of how to add and remove Categories or Tags to your WordPress page or post using the Gutenberg editor. For more information on using the Gutenberg editor, please see How to Add Tables using the Gutenberg editor.


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