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If you have gained a following on a blog site but are looking to switch to a self-hosted solution, then fear not: you can easily migrate followers from your hosted site into your BoldGrid site.

The differences between a self-hosted WordPress installation and hosted site are important to understand before getting started:

A “self-hosted” WordPress site would be installed and managed on a personal hosting account. Conversely, a account is managed and distributed from WordPress servers. In this guide, you are required to access both sites to initiate a transfer of data.

Installing and Connecting the Jetpack Plugin

To follow the steps in this article, we assume you have installed the Jetpack plugin and connected it to your hosted site. Nevertheless, the steps to accomplish this are simple.

  1. Install JetpackInstall Jetpack plugin.
  2. Connect JetpackConnect Jetpack to
  3. Log into WordPress.comLog into

Starting the Migration at

Now that the Jetpack plugin is installed and connected, and you are logged into, we can begin the migration process.

  1. Switch sitesUse Switch Sites to select the self-hosted site.
  2. SettingsGo to Settings.
  3. Migrate followersAt the bottom of the page select the option to Migrate followers
    from another blog

The process of transferring all of your followers can take a few hours depending on the amount of followers you have. In some cases, the wait may be shorted. In either case, it is best to expect to wait. You will receive confirmation from WordPress once all of the followers have been migrated.

If you have not done so yet, this would be a great time to read some of the other helpful documents in the BoldGrid Support Center.




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