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Sometimes when you update your website URLs, like when changing your website to use HTTPS, you might find that some of your pages are no longer loading correctly.  In many cases these errors can be fixed by refreshing your website’s Permalinks and this guide will demonstrate how to that through your website dashboard and WP CLI.

Refresh Permalinks through your Dashboard

  • Login to your website’s administrator Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Settings > Permalinks.
  • Click Save Changes.

Refresh Permalinks with WP-CLI

If you have ssh access to your WordPress host, you an also use WP-CLI via the command line to quickly change your Permalinks.

  • SSH into your server.
  • Navigate to the root directory for your WordPress installation.
  • Flush the existing permalinks on your website:
    wp rewrite flush
  • Update the permalink structure:
    wp rewrite structure '/%postname%'




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3 thoughts on “How to Refresh your Website Permalinks

    • Hi Ken-
      If both of these methods have failed, I’d look for another possible cause of the issue. Caching or a CDN could cause old versions of your links to show up, or you may need to examine your .htaccess file, or possibly even your Apache or NGINX configuration.

    • Hi Ken. Would you be able to give us a specific example of what isn’t working right with your permalinks? I just want to make sure we’re all trying to troubleshoot the same thing.

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