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Disabling the BoldGrid and WordPress Attributions, as well as the Special Thanks link, is an exclusive feature unlocked when using a BoldGrid Premium Connect Key. The following instructions provide the steps on how to hide these links, so they no longer appear in your website’s footer.

Hide Attributions and Special Thanks Links

  1. BoldGrid Username and Password fields and Login buttonLog into your BoldGrid Administrative Dashboard.
  2. BoldGrid Customize menu optionClick on Customize from the menu to the left.
  3. Customizer Advanced menu optionFrom the Customizer options, click on Advanced.
  4. Customizer Advanced Footer Settings menu optionClick on Footer Settings.
  5. Footer Settings Attribution Control sectionUnder Attribution Control click the check boxes next to Hide BoldGrid Attribution, Hide WordPress Attribution, and Hide Special Thanks Link.
  6. Footer Settings Save & Publish buttonClick on the Save & Publish button to finalize your changes.

Congratulations! When using a BoldGrid Premium Connect Key, you now know how to hide the Special Thanks and BoldGrid/WordPress Attributions links from your website’s footer. For additional advanced tutorials, be sure to check out the BoldGrid Support Center.




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2 thoughts on “How to Remove Special Thanks and Attribution Links

  1. Hi Support Team,

    Thanks for the information, but unfortunately under attribution control there are only 2 check boxes i.e Hide Bold Grid Attribution and Hide WordPress Attribution. So please help me how to remove or hide special thanks link.

    Thanks a lot

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