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BoldGrid’s WordPress page builder is designed to help you create a website more easily. Whether you create a blog or e-commerce store, these plugins cover other important elements to web design that you should consider.


WordFence is a security plugin including brute-force protection, a firewall, and more. WordPress needs another security layer to fight malware along with your hosting provider’s security implementations. Learn more about the plugin and other Wordfence services at

WP Accessibility

BoldGrid Easy SEO assists with basic accessibility, but WP Accessibility goes further in-depth to help improve accessibility for disabled users and Section 508 compliance. Learn more from the developer’s website and Accessibility in WordPress.

Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Headers and Footers eases the process for adding schemas to show your individual/group/organization profile alongside search engine results. You could also use it to insert analytics code without installing another plugin.


Website analytics help you understand what’s popular with your audience and who they are. There are plugins specifically created to integrate WordPress with popular analytics web apps – e.g. Google Analytics, Matomo, and Clicky.


WordPress to Buffer connects BoldGrid with your account to schedule completed posts for all social media accounts upon publishing. This results in less time logging into multiple social media accounts to post the same info.

AdRotate Banner Manager

AdRotate Banner Manager allows you to place ads and track impressions. Learn more about its features at For more ad revenue, you can check out our affiliate program.


WooCommerce adds e-commerce functions to manage an online store within BoldGrid. Learn how to start a business online with WordPress.


Asgaros Forum and wpForo Forum create full-featured discussion boards. Forums aren’t simply discussion boards for user. They foster a community around a product or service and encourage self-help from others. They can improve SEO as forum conversations may show in search engine results.




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