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Often BoldGrid users are looking to translate their WordPress website in multiple languages. There are a number of WordPress translation plugins out there, but some can prove tricky, especially if you’re a beginner.  

Weglot is the highest rated WordPress translation plugin on the WordPress Directory. Why? Because in just 5 minutes you can have a fully multilingual WordPress site that’s compatible with all BoldGrid features including our website builder and Crio SuperTheme.   

As the fastest WordPress translation solution available, Weglot both translates (using a first layer of automatic translation), displays and gives you access to a user-friendly translation management dashboard.  

The Weglot instant translation plugin doesn’t require any code or the help of a developer plus there’s no manual string by string translation involved. No matter where your content is coming from (e.g. any WordPress plugin you’ve added), Weglot detects everything on the front-end of your site so there are zero compatibility issues.

Benefits of Weglot

Weglot is a WordPress translation plugin with simplicity at its core. Simply install Weglot, choose your desired translated language and with one click all your website content is automatically detected, translated and displayed, without the need for duplicate pages or websites. 

Manage your translations the easy way through Weglot’s intuitive dashboard. You can effortlessly access all your translations, edit or approve the automated translation, or even order professional translations if you want to fine-tune any language nuances. 

Weglot also offers users an even simpler way to manage translations through its ‘in context’ editor, which allows you to edit and see all your website translations in a live preview of your site. It’s a great way to visually see your translations on the front-end of your site so you know exactly where the content is displayed. 

Once you’ve installed Weglot, a language switcher will be automatically added to your site with full customization options for both the look and position – without the need for code. 

Multilingual SEO is also at the heart of how Weglot works, with translated URLs, automatically added hreflang tags and translated metadata – you’ll have a multilingual website that’s searchable too! 

Translating your BoldGrid WordPress website with Weglot 

Installing Weglot on your WordPress website is a simple and quick process that will see you go multilingual in minutes! Let’s take a look at how to install it. 

Step 1 

Go to your WordPress dashboard > ‘Plugins’ tab > ‘Add New’ and search for Weglot. 

Add New Plugin Menu

Click install. Once it’s been installed click on the activate button. 

Weglot Plugin Card

You’ll now see a Weglot tab within your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Weglot tab to finalize your configuration. 

Step 2 

Within your Weglot tab on your WordPress dashboard you can now choose which languages you want to translate your site into.  To do this, enter the unique API key—available on your Weglot dashboard (you’ll need to

create an account

to get access to this).

Weglot API Key Configuration

Then select the original language of your site and enter the new languages you want to translate your site into. Click ‘Save Changes’.  

Step 3 

And that’s all there is to it. Your multilingual site is now live!  Go into your Weglot dashboard and your ‘translations’ tab where you’ll find all your automatically generated translations which can then be manually edited if you choose to. To ensure your translations appear in your translations list – make sure you visit each page on your website in the new language.  If you check your website you’ll now also see a language switcher button has been added to so visitors can select their preferred language (or make sure ‘auto-switch’ is clicked on in your Weglot project settings to automatically redirect site visitors by browser language).  Check out

BoldGrid and Weglot

in action!

The Swifty Theme translated to French

Customizing your language switcher

As we mentioned you also have the option to change the look and position of your language switcher through the Weglot tab on your WordPress dashboard.  Choose from options such as flags, language name or even language code and see which options suits your website design best. 

Language Button Design Menu

By default the language switcher will be added in the bottom right of your WordPress site. But, you can also edit this too in your Weglot tab: 

Language Button position menu

Managing your translations 

One of the great advantages of Weglot is that managing your translations is just as easy as installing the plugin. To access your translations you can either go to your ‘Translations’ tab or the ‘Visual editor’ tab – both have the same functionality, it’s just a different way of seeing your translations.  Let’s take a look at the visual editor which you can locate here: 

The Weglot translation Visual Editor

Click on the ‘START EDITING’ button. You’ll then be taken to a live ‘preview’ of your site. You can edit anything highlighted in red by clicking on the green pencil icon. 

The Weglot translation Visual Editor in action

You can then make changes to your translations – click ‘OK’ to save them. Your edited translations are then automatically saved in your Weglot Dashboard. Click on the green pencil icon to change a translation.

The Weglot translation Visual Editor in action

Translating images It’s not just the content you might want to edit – images can also make a big impact when it comes to making your site fully multilingual. You may want to change an image on your website so it’s more culturally appropriate for your new target market.   Translating any images on your BoldGrid theme works the same way as text. Again, access your images through the ‘visual editor’. Click on the image you want to change and update the image URL to a different image file. 

Translating images and alt text with the Weglot Visual Editor

This also works for videos too. Click on the video you want to change and simply change the URL to link to the new video.  If you’ve followed all the steps above you’ll now have a fully multilingual WordPress website!
Interested in trying out Weglot? They offer a free 10 day trial with access to all the features of a paid plan. 




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