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When you are viewing Form Submission options they can be applied to the submissions that are created. Learn about these options in the descriptions below. Please see How to View a Submission for a quick tutorial on viewing the submissions.


View Submissions in Table

After you have selected a Form,  you will see the submissions listed by number, name, email, subject, body and date. You can click on any of the column headers in order to sort the list by that header in ascending or descending order.  3382-submissions-view-sort-options

Edit a Submission

Hover over the number of the submission and you will see the Edit | Export | Trash form submission options appear. Click on Edit to edit the submission.  3382-submissions-edit-option
The edit submission page allows you to update any of the entries on the form. Click on any of the fields to make edits. Click on the Update button in order to save your changes.  3382-submissions-edit-user-submit

Export a Submission

Hover over the number and then click on Export when it appears.  3382-submissions-export-option
You will see the file attempt to save as a .CSV file. Click on Save to complete the export.  3382-submissions-export-button

Trash a Submission

The Trash option lets you delete individual submissions. Click on the submission to choose it, then click on Trash in order put the entry into the trash. 3382-submissions-trash-option

Search Submissions

Type your search term into the field next to the Search Submissions button. Click on Search Submissions to begin your search. 3382-submissions-search-option

Bulk Actions

Click on the drop down in order to select the bulk actions of Export or Trash. You will need to select at least one submission in order to apply either of these actions. When at least one submission has been selected and you have selected a bulk action, click on Apply in order to run that action. 3382-submissions-bulk-actions

Filter Submissions by Date

Type in the dates that you want to filter using the Begin Date and End Date fields a the top of the form, then click on Filter. 3382-submissions-filter-date

Download All Submissions

At the bottom of the page, you will see a button labeled Download All Submissions. Click on this button in order export all of the submissions. Please be careful in using this option if you have thousands of submissions as it can affect the performance of your server. If you must download the entries, use it during off-peak hours or during a maintenance period for your site.  It will save the file as a .CSV file.  3382-submissions-download-option




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