Working with Icons | BoldGrid

BoldGrid Crio gives you the ability to add Icons to your design. The following guide will walk you through adding as well as changing or modifying your icon design.

Adding an Icon

  • Place the cursor in your content where you wish to place the icon
  • Click the + in the drop tab
  • Select Icon
  • Using the popover, select the icon you wish to insert

Editing an Icon

  • Click on the Icon that you want to edit to display the options menu.
  • Select an icon design from the list of available options.
  • Click Customize Design to further modify your icon with:
    • Padding and Margin
    • Font Size
    • Color and Background Color
    • Rotation
    • Border and Border Radius
    • Animation
    • Responsive Utilities

Congratulations! You now know how to add and edit icons within the BoldGrid Post and Page Builder.




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