Working with Images in the Post and Page Builder | BoldGrid

Images help to relay your message to visitors and it is recommended to include images in your website content. BoldGrid has features that make working with images painless, which we will outline for you in the following guide.

Adding Images

Images are a key part of web design and for SEO and visibility purposes it is important to have at least one image per page. Below are the steps to add a new image to a Block.

  • Click in the column where the image will go
  • Click the Enter button to add a new line
  • Click the Add Media button below the Page Title box to open the Media Library modal
  • From here you can select an image or click Upload Files to add a new one to the Media Library
  • Click on an image to add a Title, Caption, Alt Text, or Description
  • The Attachment Display Settings control Alignment, Links, and Size
  • When finished click Insert into Page to see your image in the Editor

Replacing Images

Replacing images is easier than ever with BoldGrid and our Crop Image option. This feature maintains the aspect ratio, which means you can quickly swap images without harming your layout. Below are the steps for replacing images with the Post and Page Builder.

  • Click on the image you want to Edit or Replace
  • A camera icon is added to the Drop Tab, but you can also use the built in WordPress Image Editor toolbar
  • Click on either camera icon to replace the image
  • In the Media Library, select the image you wish to replace it with
  • In Attachment Display Settings, select the full size option and link preferences of the image
  • Click Replace
  • You can crop the image before inserting it into your page, or choose not to by clicking Skip Cropping.
  • If you decide to crop the image, checking the FORCE ASPECT RATIO option will keep the same aspect ratio as the original image

Image Design

BoldGrid includes design shape options for images. The following steps will explain how to add custom designs to your images.

  • Click on the image you want to change
  • In the Drop Tab toolbar, select the Gear icon labeled Image Design
  • You will see a list of Sample Designs to choose from or click Customize Design to create your own

Image Filters

BoldGrid offers Image Filters that allow you to change the way your images appear. This is helpful for making images work with your selected color scheme without opening an external image editing program.

  • Click on the image you want to change
  • In the Drop Tab toolbar, select the Magic Wand icon labeled Image Filters
  • You will see a list of Filters to choose from
  • Click Custom to create your own unique filter

Congratulations! You now know how to work with all the image options available from the Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid.




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