Working with Fonts | BoldGrid

With thousands of custom typography choices, the Post and Page Builder gives you the ability to have complete granular control over font size, weight, decoration, color, and more.

Choosing a Font Family

  • By Default the text will use theme settings from the Customizer
  • If using a BoldGrid Theme, choosing the Theme Fonts will use the Main Text and Headings settings from the Customizer
  • Common Fonts are professionally selected fonts that look great on any website
  • System Fonts are fonts already installed on your computer
  • The Google Font library is included with hundreds of font options

Font Styles

  • Each font has it’s own Font Weights to choose from
  • Use Font Style to make your text italic or normal
  • Text Transform will change your text to Uppercase, Lowercase, and more without retyping the text
  • Text Decoration adds design touches like Overlines and Underlines
  • The current Color is shown, to change it click the Edit button
    • The Color Picker appears with the Theme Colors at the top
  • Set the Size anywhere from 6px to 200px
  • The Line Height and Letter Spacing can also be adjusted
  • Text Effect has 8 designs to choose from to make your text really stand out
  • Or a Text Shadow can be added

Congratulations! You now know how to work with fonts from the BoldGrid Post and Page Builder.


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