Now that you have finished editing the Home page, we will learn how to edit the About Us page. As with the Home page, it already has some stock content. We will be removing and editing the existing data as well as moving some things around on the page.

Opening the About Us Page

  1. Click on the Pages option from the left-hand menu.
  2. 2241-2-click-pages Hover above About Us and click Edit.

Editing the Content

Now that we are in the page editor, you can begin transforming the page to make it your own. Use the tutorial below to edit the About Us page with your own content.

  1. Click in the area where the stock title appears. Remove the text and replace it with your own title for this About Us page.  The example below shows the change from “The Write Stuff” to “VB Jet Ski Rentals.”
    2384-1a-old-title   2384-1b-new-title
  2. Next, click on the subtitle area and change it to meet your needs.  In the example below, there is a text and a color change. The example below changes to “A Better Copywriting Service” to “A Better Way to Vacation”.
    2384-2a-old-subtitle   2384-2b-blue-text
  3. Next, we will work on the paragraphs underneath the titles of the About Us page. Click on the first paragraph area, highlight the text, and delete it. Replace it with the text that matches yourself, your organization, or business.
    2384-4a-old-top-paragraph   2384-4b-new-top-paragraph
  4. Now do the same with the second paragraph, replacing it with your own text.
    2384-5a-old-bottom-paragraph   2384-5b-new-bottom-paragraph
  5. With the text changed, the example we provide shows two buttons that can be removed. If you are using a theme with buttons in it, you can remove by doing the following: Hover over red (element) drag handle and click on the Modify portion (three lines) then click on the Delete option. This removes the entire element containing both buttons.
    2384-6a-remove-buttons   2384-6b-buttons-gone
  6. At this point we are going to work on changing the images. Click on the image to bring up the toolbar and click on the Change button. From there, select the image select the image you want to use and click on Replace. If necessary, upload an image if it’s not already in the libary.
    2384-7a-click-change   2384-7b-new-image
  7. If you want to resize the image, click on the image and then click on the Edit button. You can change the image to various sizes or a custom size. The example sets the image to “full size” in the Size. Click the Update button.
    2384-8a-click-edit   2384-8b-set-full-size
  8. You can also switch the image and paragraph columns. To do this, hover over the image column’s blue drag handle. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag it to the left. The columns will switch places. Let go of the mouse button to allow them to fall into place.
    2384-9a-click-drag-handle   2384-9b-after-column-switch

    For the next section, we will not need the subtitle. Hover over it and then click on its red (element) drag handle and click on the Delete option.

    2384-12a-delete-subtitle   2384-12b-subtitle-deleted

    Now we can edit the title for the area, highlight “The Crew” and change it to “Common Questions”.

    2384-13a-highlight-title   2384-13b-new-title

    In the text column, we are going to add a list of questions. Before we do that, we need to get rid of some of the elements. Hover over the second paragraph and click on the Modify button on the red (element) drag handle and then the Delete option. Do the same with the element containing the three circle images.

    2384-14a-delete-elements   2384-14b-elements-deleted

    To begin the common questions highlight and remove the text from the remaining paragraph. Paste in the text below.

    1. How old do I have to be to ride a wave runner? – Any age can ride, however you must be at least 16 Years of age in order to operate a jet ski.

    2. How old do I have to be to rent a wave runner? – You have to be 18 or have a parent or guardian signature.

    3. Do I need to make a reservation? – No. You do not need to make a reservation. Walkups are welcome. However, we do recommend that you make reservations in advance as we tend to book up quickly throughout the week. You can make a reservation up to 1 year in advance.

    4. What should I wear? – We recommend wearing a bathing suit or wetsuit. You may also wear general clothes if you prefer however, we do not recommend it. Please keep in mind that it is a watersports activity and you will get wet.

    5. What should I bring? – If you wish to bring a few small personal items with you on your adventure you can. However, we do not recommend bringing items that are not waterproof.

    6. Is there an extra charge for fuel? – No. Fuel for the jet ski is covered in the cost of the rental.

    7. What time should I show up? – You should arrive 30 Minutes prior to your reservations. This will allow you time for your 15-minute water safety course.

    8. How do I pay for my rentals? – At the time you make the reservation we will hold it with a major credit card. The card will not be charged at that time. You can pay cash or credit at the time of arrival.

    9. Can we switch out riders? – Yes. You can switch out riders as much as you would like during your rental time. Our professional staff will assist you and your family members in safely trading out riders and drivers.

    After pasting the questions,  highlight each one and press “Ctrl+B” (hold Ctrl and press B) to make each question bold. This will make them stand out.

    2384-15a-select-paragraph   2384-15b-paste-questions

    Finally, we will switch out the last image. Click on the image to bring up the toolbar and then click on the Change button. Select the image we uploaded of the person in blue vest riding the jet ski and click on the Replace button. Use the full-size image and select Skip Cropping if prompted.

    2384-16a-click-change   2384-16b-new-image

    If the image is still not full sized, click on the image and then click on the Edit button on the toolbar. Then set the image to Full Size and click Update. Now the image will be correct.

    2384-17a-set-full-size   2384-17b-full-image


    After completing the changes to the About Us page, click on the Update button to save them.

    Congratulations! You have now completed learning how to edit the About Us page for your site. It should look very different from where it began. Next, we will edit the Contact Us page so it reflects the correct company information.

    2384-before   2384-after

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