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The BoldGrid Post and Page builder uses the Bootstrap grid system to create Sections, Rows, and Columns for you to control your website content. This article will discuss the controls specific to Sections. For more information on how the Post and Page Builder works overall, you can read about how to use the Post and Page Builder.

How to Use Sections in the Post and Page Builder

The largest containers in the Bootstrap hierarchy are Sections, and each section can contain one or more rows. BoldGrid makes it easy to use this grid system by adding extra controls that appear on hover, called Drag Handles or Popovers. Once you click into the section you want to work with, these popovers will appear.

Sections > Rows > Columns > Elements

Section controls in the Post and Page Builder

Sections are the outermost area.

To access options that affect the entire section, click the  Black  popover found at the bottom of the section.

The Magnifying Glass icon on the left takes you to the Add Block screen where you can rearrange the sections on the page by dragging and dropping. You can also add new Blocks to your page from here.

The right Hamburger Menu icon brings up a menu that allows you to perform tasks related specifically to that section, as discussed below.

Clone Creates a duplicate of the existing section.
Delete Removes the entire section and all its content.
Section Width Choose between a fixed container or full-width so the content touches the sides of the screen.
Move Up Swaps the section with the one above it.
Move Down Swaps the section with the one below it.
Add New Hovering here will give you two options – add a new row to the current section, or add an entirely new section.
Save Block Saves the section as a Block in your Block Library.
Change Background Brings up the background panel to use a color, image, or pattern.
Advanced Control Adjust padding, margin, border, animation, and more.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to work with Sections on your WordPress website, you may want to learn how to work with Rows.




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6 thoughts on “Working with Sections

  1. Hello,

    how to make sticky and scrollable column in section on webpage? I would like to get effect of sticky element only in some points in webpage but not as general header for all webpage.

  2. How do you change the width of a section? My blog post is very narrow, it barely covers any of the page, instead of going the full width, and I can’t find how to update it in the boldgrid options.

    • Hi,

      If you hover over the black section toggle, select Advanced Controls and scroll down to the Width icon you can control your sections width with the toggle you see there.

    • Hi TC!

      You can create transparent Section backgrounds in the body content of your pages by using the Change Background option. Once you have the Background controls for your Section opened, click the Custom Color option and move the transparency slider all the way to the bottom.

      The Page Background configured in your Customizer settings does not display while working in the Visual Editor, but when you view the page on the front end of your website you should see it show up as expected.

      I hope that this helps you create the design you are looking for on your Sections and please let us know if there is anything else that we can do to help!

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