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Reduce server response times with W3 Total Cache Pro.


Example 1: StackPath / User is logged in

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Object Caching 68/74 objects using apc
Page Caching using redis (User is logged in) 
Content Delivery Network Full Site Delivery via stackpath2
Lazy Loading
Minified using apc (User is logged in)
Database Caching using redis (Request-wide User is logged in)
Fragment Caching 5/7 fragments using apc

Served from: @ 2021-03-19 10:08:15 by W3 Total Cache
  • Page is coming from CDN / FSD. Page headers should be reviewed for hit / miss.
    • Stackpath will have a server: openresty header.
  • “User is logged in” means the cached page is for a logged in user. This may mean minify and other cache settings were ignored / missing based on your settings.

W3 Total Cache

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