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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to speed up the delivery of static assets?

HTTP/2 push – can be enabled to send assets contents right with the HTML content which speeds up rendering time.

How can I eliminate render blocking CSS?

W3 Total Cache can help with that by embedding CSS assets included an external asset to HTML. The only drawback is that CSS is sent on each page visit, so naturally it is not taken from browser cache.  so you get faster page rendering for the 1st visit and slower for subsequent visits. This is only suggested when website has a small amount of CSS, otherwise it’s better to use HTTP/2 pushing.

What can I do about external scripts and stylesheets?

Fine-tuning – you can add your external assets to minified assets to avoid multiple DNS resolution and connection handshakes.

How can I eliminate render blocking Javascript?

Eliminating render blocking JS files is the same thing as deferring them. When a javascript file is deferred, it is not executed right at the HTML page parsing point of time, but after the page is initially rendered and the visitor has began reading the content.

Our team provides this as a Premium Service, but in some simple cases may be solved via Minify Manual mode without coding. You can select the scripts you want to change, their placement and order, and the way they are included (async/defer).

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2 thoughts on “W3 Total Cache Minify FAQ

    • Hello David-

      The developers do strive to keep the various Minify Libraries in W3 Total cache as current as possible, you’re right that it may interfere with other minification solutions like Autoptimize and WP-Optimize. You should only use one minification solution to avoid issues with library conflicts and minifying code with two different algorithms at once.

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