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Thank you so much for this, Tim! I still have a little ways to go before launching this site, so I will hold off on installing this plugin in hopes that the official update will cover it by the time I'm ready. But if I need it sooner, I'm so happy you guys created and posted this fix!

Carlos, thank you for the insight into that. I definitely will put in the feature request. Not knowing what else in this theme uses the hover feature, I'm now a little hesitant to turn it all off with the code. However, I did try what you recommended and it gave me a warning that there are errors and if I continue, I may break something. See the image. So I tried adding a curly bracket to end it and got the same error, except only one this time (versus the two you see in the screenshot). I can probably live with the hover thing for now. 

Carlos, after playing around with this some more, I discovered that the original code from the sample theme is what is not showing up in the visual editor. I was trying to simply alter that text block and that's when I ran into that issue. When I just deleted the original coding and started fresh with my own text in the visual editor, all worked fine. So, not sure if that's how the system is expected to work, but I can live with it and make it work. 

Carlos, this worked perfectly! Just what I was hoping for. Thank you so much for your help!

Thanks for the reply, Carlos. I've just started using BoldGrid a few days ago, so it's a brand new installation (through my hosting company). As soon as I installed it, I also updated to the latest Wordpress. I haven't added any other plugins. I've tried it using Safari and Chrome with the same result. Clearly something is messing things up! Anything else I can try?