Creating the Best WordPress Plugins to power BoldGrid

BoldGrid works as a suite of WordPress plugins designed to seamlessly integrate with the CMS. Together, these plugins transform the WordPress experience making it more intuitive for beginners and much more efficient and flexible for web professionals, allowing creators of all skill sets to create beautiful dynamic and responsive websites easier than ever. Even if you consider yourself to be a WordPress guru, BoldGrid will empower you to accomplish more, faster.




Be Inspired by Beautiful Responsive Themes

Inspirations Plugin

BoldGrid’s unique “Inspirations Process” will guide you to the perfect theme with which to get started. More than simply choosing a template, you are choosing a fully functional website to begin making your own. WordPress themes for BoldGrid will inspire you to take action with features like:

  • Beautiful responsive designs- optimized for mobile and tablet viewing
  • Included usable content and images tailored to the industry of your choosing
  • Multiple page and menu sets from which to choose
  • Automatic installation of all plugins required by your chosen theme
  • A new “Add Page from GridBlocks” feature lets you add individual pages with pre-built layouts
  • Vast library of font packs included

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What You See Is What You Get

Page Builder Plugin

The BoldGrid Page Builder Plugin provides WYSIWYG style drag and drop editing among several other improvements to the usual WordPress page edit process. Using a drop-in replacement for the current WordPress TinyMCE, it empowers you to create rich column and row based layouts easily without coding.

  • Works with GridBlocks to provide pre-built layouts to give you a fast start
  • Drag and drop text, rows or columns of content, and more to modify rich layouts with ease
  • Insert Galleries and Forms directly to your pages without the use of shortcode
  • Resize images on the fly when adding or replacing content to maintain your layout without hassle
  • Turn Page Titles on or off with a single click
  • Creates pristine code you can easily read and edit in Text Mode

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Notable Features



A sensible approach to content

GridBlocks are pre-built blocks of content that you can add to your page, drag, drop, and customize as you see fit. GridBlocks come in all shapes and sizes and help keep your content organized.


Mobile View Editor

Easy mobile and tablet view editing

BoldGrid keeps your site optimized for mobile viewing throughout the design process. You can even edit your pages in Tablet or Mobile view to change how your site looks on these devices specifically.


Design with Media

Rich content handling made simple

You can easily add images, video, forms and more to any of your GridBlocks with a single click. You can drag and drop media files from your PC into BoldGrid’s Media Library for later use and even create custom forms for your website.

Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Bold.





Do More With The Customizer

Enhanced Customizer

BoldGrid makes it easy to change the style and settings of your theme and view those changes in real-time with an improved Theme Customizer. You can choose between pre-made color palettes for your theme or design your own, switch out background images or patterns to fit your taste, add your logo and site title, and more all from one simple window with BoldGrid’s Customizer.

Notable Features

Color Palettes

Simple color management

Each BoldGrid theme is designed with multiple color schemes from which you may choose. Completely change the style of your site by simply selecting a new color palette or create your own. If you get stuck, the “Suggest Palettes” feature will even recommend colors that match a palette you have started yourself.

Customize Menus

Accesible and easy to build menus

BoldGrid’s Theme Customizer provides a simple way to manage your websites menus and navigation. You can customize the pre-built menus already included in your chosen Theme or create your own Menus and save them to use on other websites in the future.

Customize Backgrounds

Complete control of your background images

You can easily swap out background images and dictate scroll effects such as Parallax from the Customizer. BoldGrid is integrated with Fotolia and Flickr image banks so that you have direct access to tons of great content. If a pattern suites the job better, the Customizer includes a vast library of textured background patterns.

And Much More…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg

BoldGrid’s enhanced Customizer will empower you to create and customize faster than ever before. The options available via the Customizer varies from theme to theme. It is capable of much more than we could put into words. See for yourself and experience the time-saving nature of BoldGrid.




Ready, Set, Deploy!

Staging Plugin

Run two sites simultaneously – your Active Site is live to the world while you are working on your Staging Site. Make changes to your site, preview them in Staging, then Deploy easily. BoldGrid even includes redirects when deploying to preserve SEO.

  • Test updates to plugins, themes, and the WordPress core without affecting your Active Site
  • Safely try new plugins and themes to ensure there are no conflicts
  • Make theme customization and layout changes without visitors seeing your work in progress
  • Deploy pages to your Active site with a single click
  • And much more…

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Other Plugins


Forms Plugin

The easiest and most flexible WordPress form builder

BoldGrid is already seamlessly integrated with Ninja Forms to give you the best available features in form creation. You can create rich web forms with little effort and nearly every aspect can be customized. You can even import/export forms, manage your submissions and integrate with third party email services.

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Gallery Plugin

Easily create stunning galleries and slideshows

The Gallery plugin is versatile and allows you to build ornate galleries and slideshows with minimal effort. You simply select all the images you would like from your Media Gallery and then choose how you want them displayed. You can dictate image sizes, caption positions, display styles, and much more.

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SEO Plugin

Search engines love BoldGrid

BoldGrid’s SEO plugin gives you the tools needed to ensure that your site gets seen by all search engines. Not only that, but BoldGrid makes it extremely easy to set page titles and meta descriptions on the fly while editing your pages.

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And That’s Not All

BoldGrid Connect – Direct Access to Amazing Content

API integration with Fotolia and Flickr gives you direct access to limitless content. If you need another great image for your website, you can search, browse, and add content to your site from the Fotolia and Flickr repositories all within the WordPress dashboard. You can even purchase premium content on the fly with BoldGrid copyright coins.

Clean Code

Unlike most drag and drop website builders, BoldGrid generates extremely clean, efficient, and compliant HTML code. You can even access your code to edit it directly via Text Editor mode. Cleaner code means better SEO, faster loading times, and easier editing, all in effort to save you time and trouble.

WooCommerce Support

BoldGrid has been crafted to work great with WooCommerce. You can now design a storefront easier than ever with the most popular eCommerce platform on the web.


BoldGrid comes pre­installed on your hosting plan when getting started with an Official BoldGrid Host. Enjoy a hassle free setup so you can get right to work being creative.

Technical Support

Unlike most website builders, BoldGrid has friendly technical support available if you get started with an Official BoldGrid Host. You can also tap into our growing online community and knowledge base for assistance.

Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Bold.

WordPress is already used by more than 60 million websites on the internet. Be bold and stand above the rest with BoldGrid.