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Introducing BunnyCDN

WordPress Performance

W3 Total Cache’s Top CDN Choice: Introducing...

As a dedicated tool for enhancing website performance, W3 Total Cache has always prioritized providing the best solutions for our users. With the recent changes at StackPath, we are excited…

Load WordPress web pages faster

WordPress Performance

How to Increase Web Page Speed

Having a website that loads quickly is more important than ever. According to Google, conversions can fall by up to 20% for every second delay in mobile page load. Most…

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WordPress Performance

Fix render blocking css added by Code Snippets plugin

While optimizing a site with W3 Total Cache recently, we ran into the following issue: A css file named https://domain.org/?code-snippets-css=1&ver=9 was render blocking, and causing a 150ms delay on mobile….

WordPress Hosting is better than Shared Hosting

WordPress Performance

Is WordPress Hosting Really Better Than Shared?

When getting your website online you likely did some research on Web Hosting. After all, you can’t have a website if the content doesn’t have a place to live! You…

What are Core Web Vitals - How do they affect my website?

WordPress Performance

What Are Core Web Vitals And How Do They Affect My...

The user experience of your website and it’s quality of interaction are the key to success for your WordPress website. If you are a business owner, webmaster, or digital marketer…

W3 Total Cache is the Best WordPress Plugin you can use for your WordPress website.

WordPress Performance

Learn How to Make WordPress Faster With This One Plugin

The struggle to find out why your website is not running as fast as you want it to is something everyone who has a website will have to deal with…

An image being used to relay speed of your WordPress website

WordPress Performance

Optimizing the Performance of your WordPress Website

These days, in order for your business to survive online it has to be competitive. And that is not just in regards to pricing or quality, it’s also about the…

BoldGrid and W3 Total Cache Join Forces

WordPress Performance

BoldGrid Joins Forces with W3 Total Cache

The BoldGrid team is happy to announce that we’ve joined forces with W3 Total Cache, the powerful Web Optimization Framework trusted by over 1 Million active WordPress websites. Why W3…

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