W3 Total Cache vs WP Rocket, WP Optimize and Other Caching Plugins

There’s a reason why we’re the #1 downloaded WordPress caching and performance plugin in the world. Hint: It’s because we’re better, with more options and functionality.


Over 23,400,000 have downloaded W3 Total Cache, with over 3300 five star ratings in the WordPress Repo. See for yourself. That many people aren’t wrong.


It’s free to get started. The free version of W3 Total Cache isn’t a “demo,” it is a full-featured application that will easily allow you to speed up your site by an exponential degree. W3 Total Cache Pro has additional tools that will give you a sharp edge over your competitors.


Our competitors have spun a narrative that W3 Total Cache is “too hard to use” because we offer more features and settings. Imagine that… having to make the argument that giving our users more CHOICE makes it a worse product. The truth of the matter is, we’ve got all the documentation you’ll need to speed up your WordPress website within just a few minutes, AND we’re the most well-documented, well-researched and most downloaded caching plugin on the web.

Caching Statistics

Caching Statistics

Advanced metrics about your site’s performance that helps you diagnose previously unknown performance issues about your site, webserver, MySQL, etc.

Fragment Caching

Fragment Caching

Control the caching times for comments, eCommerce, and other interactive elements to help ensure performance is maintained, while users see the most up to date content available.

Full Site Delivery

Full Site Delivery

When paired with a CDN, using a modern technique called full site delivery, users anywhere in the world can load your site at lightning fast speeds.


We’ve got the most robust feature set. While the amount of options may appear a bit intimidating, it’s not. Follow our easy to implement Quick Start Guide and have lightning-fast page load speeds with minimal effort. Then, check out our “Getting the Edge Over Your Competition” guide to leave everyone else in the dust.


We offer very affordable paid support options for those who have specific needs, or want to ensure that their website is operating at its maximum potential. We’ve seen and optimized thousands of websites across many different web hosts.


We’re supported by prominent hosting brands from around the world, including InMotion Hosting, and Web Hosting Hub. Our list of supported web service providers is extensive, which includes StackPath, Amazon S3, MaxCDN, Rackspace CDN, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure Storage, and more. Chances are, W3 Total Cache works well with your hosting environment and will easily scale with your needs.

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