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BoldGrid’s integrated ecosystem of plugins, themes and services makes building and managing WordPress websites easier for beginners and more efficient for professionals.

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Website Builder

Build beautiful WordPress websites

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • 200+ professional site layouts
  • No coding needed
  • Build in hours, not days
  • Free hosting to stage website

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Crio SuperTheme

Advanced WordPress SuperTheme

  • Fine grain control over design
  • Hundreds of customization options
  • Custom header and footer layouts
  • Create your own blog design
  • Animated menu designs

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Total Upkeep

All-in-one site maintenance

  • Easy, automated backups
  • Remote storage
  • Automated rollbacks
  • Easy site migration
  • No-fear upgrades

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Every business, project or bright idea deserves a beautiful website. Now you can pick how you want to build it.

Need to build a website quickly?

create a website with BoldGrid Inspirations

Our WORDPRESS WEBSITE BUILDER includes an easy drag and drop page editor with hundreds of template designs. Build a beautiful, professional website in a day. No coding needed.

Looking to code a custom website?

crio, a new WordPress super theme

BOLDGRID CRIO is a WordPress SuperTheme and framework with visual frontend tools and a multitude of advanced customization options for maximum control over website design.

business professionals creating a website

keep your website secure with BoldGrid



Rapidly test and deploy secure sites with BoldGrid’s site management tools. Build and manage single sites or a network of client WordPress installs.

Protect your live sites

WordPress backup plugin

TOTAL UPKEEP is a premier automated backup, fault protection and migration solution. Secure your website against hacks and restore data after crashes.

Test safely before taking sites live

free WordPress demo

CLOUD WORDPRESS is BoldGrid’s development environment in the cloud to rapidly and safely design, build and test WordPress sites, themes and plugins before you deploy to your live environments.


Website Performance Optimization

A faster website means higher rankings in search engines, an increase in site traffic and happier customers. BoldGrid’s optimization tools are exactly what you need to get an edge over the competition.

Analyze page speed performance

faster website load times with speed coach

SPEED COACH helps you identify factors causing your page to load slowly, provides recommendations on best website practices, and has a detailed report with actionable steps.

Improve website load times

W3 total cache wordpress performance plugin

TOTAL CACHE is a top-ranking web performance and caching plugin for WordPress. It improves user experience and SEO on your site, increases website performance and reduces load times.

website speed testing and caching

I love the functionality and ease-of-use for the BoldGrid Backup plugin. … [It] tells me that additional thought is being placed into the product, which I especially appreciate.

– Jeff S –

BoldGrid creators must have built this tool around the K.I.S.S. principle; this tool makes my life a thousand times easier! I can simply drag, drop and move on to other more important things.

– Brittany C –

 With BoldGrid I was able to help this charity go from an outdated Sharepoint website to a responsive BoldGrid website…in two days…

– Jaime G –


Master Your Workflows

Design Faster with WordPress Blocks

Using the Post and Page Builder, you can make an entire site from reusable blocks, cutting your design down from days to hours. Use our pre-built blocks as-is or customize them completely. Share blocks with your production and marketing teams to ensure design consistency.

New blocks are generated as you scroll, meaning you will have an infinite supply of designs to choose from, all using your custom colors and fonts.

wordpress blocks

Build Fearlessly in the Cloud

With Cloud WordPress you can design, build and test websites in fully functional WordPress instances in the cloud (no hosting needed!). Mess up a design? Simply delete the cloud instance and start again! You can share multiple test sites with clients, allowing easier collaboration.


Upload your WordPress site to Cloud WordPress and test plugins safely in this dev environment before you use on your live site. No more hair-raising testing of plugins on live sites and crashing them.

We BLD WordPress

BoldGrid fully stands behind WordPress by sponsoring WordPress events and integrating with other WordPress providers to create the best website builder and management solutions. Our developers contribute to the WordPress Core code and create WordPress tutorials and other educational content.

You can also join our Facebook User Group to discuss WordPress and BoldGrid with our support staff and others, as well as submit feature requests and bugs.

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Make your WordPress experience better with BoldGrid.

BoldGrid has the solutions to build beautiful websites easily and manage them effectively. We will continue to serve you and all WordPress users by creating products that are practical and useful.

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