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BoldGrid’s integrated ecosystem of plugins, themes and services makes building and managing WordPress websites easier for beginners and more efficient for professionals.

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Where Do I Start?

Tell us who you are and what you need and we’ll connect you with the BoldGrid products that’s best for you. Or, you can view all of our products. We’ve got the perfect solution for all WordPress users, regardless of skill level or background.

wordpress website builder

I need to build a website easily, without writing code. I don’t have much experience.

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wordpress supertheme

I need to build a website quickly and I have experience with WordPress and development.

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wordpress theme framework

I am an agency / freelancer and I want to improve my workflow and generate more revenue.

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website scaling

I already have a website and I need to scale or gain an edge over my competitors.

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Create a Website Today. Grow Tomorrow. Manage Everything Easily.

We’ve got everything you need to build your WordPress website, grow your audience or brand, obtain a competitive advantage, and easily manage your site to ensure the safety of your data. Our products are designed to simplify your workflow without compromising on power or flexibility. Regardless of your background, you’ll be able to do more in less time.

Simple Management

Automated remote backups to Amazon S3 or Google Drive, etc. Rollback your site if a theme or plugin update fails. Leverage caching to speed up your site and rank higher on Google.

Build Faster

Create an entire site from reusable blocks, cutting design time down from days to hours.

Easier Collaboration

Build websites or test plugins in the cloud and share your work for feedback. Need to start over? Simply delete the instance and start again.

build with boldgrid

Build, Deploy and Manage WordPress Websites Quickly.

Grow Your Site (or Brand) and Get Better Search Rankings.

I love the functionality and ease-of-use for the Backup plugin. Tells me that additional thought is [put] in.

Jeff S

This tool makes my life a thousand times easier! I can simply drag, drop and move on to other important things.

Brittany C

Congratulations Crio Pro [is an] awesome theme. The best Customizer I [have] ever seen in my life.


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All the Tools You Need in One Place:

BoldGrid Central gives you free access to the community editions of all our products and services in one simple dashboard. Also includes access to:

cloud wordpress

Cloud WordPress

Safely design, build and test WordPress websites, themes and plugins in the cloud before deploying to a live environment.

speed coach from boldgrid

Speed Coach

Provides you with a detailed report with actionable steps helps you easily increase your website’s loading speed.

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