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Retain More Customers with a WordPress Website Builder That is Easier to Support

BoldGrid will allow you to onboard customers more easily and retain them for longer by providing an open source drag & drop website builder solution powered by WordPress. Or leverage individual BoldGrid plugins as powerful WordPress tools that add unique value to your hosting platform.

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Try the BoldGrid Demo and see just how easily your customers can create WordPress websites.

Benefits of Hosting BoldGrid

Open Source

BoldGrid gives creators more flexibility and control over their content while being easier to support than any proprietary website builder solution.

Added Value

By offering the easiest way to create WordPress websites you instantly improve the value of your hosting service and become more desirable to clients.

Improve Customer Retention

BoldGrid users experience fewer website builder frustrations which means reduced technical support contacts and happier customers for web hosts.

Easy for Beginners

BoldGrid makes WordPress simple to use for beginners as a true website builder solution while remaining familiar and flexible enough for experienced users.

Easy to Support

Your WordPress technical expertise carries over to BoldGrid seamlessly. You will not have to learn how to support a whole new system to best serve your clients. See our documentation.

Earn New Revenue

Official partners can earn additional revenue when your hosting customers upgrade to BoldGrid Premium as well as receive web hosting customer leads.

BoldGrid Makes You Better Than the Competition

Replacing Proprietary Website Builders

BoldGrid applies the WYSIWYG experience to the power and flexibility of WordPress. This gives you the chance to completely customize themes and utilize all the functionality of the WordPress plugin repository. Now users with little or no design experience can create beautiful dynamic WordPress websites in minutes with minimal effort.

Become a Hosting Partner

Free WordPress Themes

Drag & Drop Editor

Easy To Customize

Limitless Features

Clean Code – No Short Codes

Automated Backups

Built-In Staging Environment

Advanced Framework with Easy Documentation

Replacing Post and Page Builder Plugins

Even WordPress professionals and developers can benefit from BoldGrid’s improved and automated workflow to save time and money. Spend less time on tedious tasks like finding and installing themes, sourcing content, deploying staging environments, and more. BoldGrid plugins can improve almost any WordPress website.

Become a Hosting Partner

BoldGrid is Easy to Integrate

Available to all WordPress Web Hosts

BoldGrid is compatible with any web host that meets the latest standards for supporting WordPress. Server admins running the Softaculous auto-installer, Plesk control panel, or cPanel WHM plugin can enable BoldGrid for their hosting customers today!

Enable BoldGrid for Softaculous

Enable BoldGrid for Plesk

Enable BoldGrid for cPanel

Take your integration with BoldGrid one step further and become an official hosting partner and receive additional benefits. Official hosting partners can earn additional revenue from BoldGrid Premium upgrades, our revshare marketplace, and receive web hosting customer leads form our website.


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