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Reduce Churn, Increase Adoption

BoldGrid will help you onboard your customers easier, and retain them longer by providing an open source website builder and management solution powered by WordPress.

We offer Softaculous, cPanel, and Plesk integrations that will allow you to offer auto installation for your customers instantly, or use the API to customize your user journey.

BoldGrid dramatically reduces the time it takes to build, grow and manage websites for your customers, allowing them to focus on what matters to you both the most – their success.



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Support Your Customers Easier, Faster

Your existing WordPress expertise carries over to BoldGrid seamlessly, allowing you to ramp up easily and effortlessly.

BoldGrid has white label and co-branded products and services that can truly help your customers and you can leverage them in your messaging, allowing you to increase the value of your hosting products.

Benefits of Partnering with BoldGrid

BoldGrid expands WordPress core by providing the tools that every one of your customers need to build, manage and grow their websites.

Your users do not have to search and test tons of plugins, and you can integrate seamlessly with BoldGrid’s tools and services that are proven to help users get up and running faster than ever before.

Open Source Solution

BoldGrid gives creators more flexibility and control over their content while being easier to support than any proprietary website builder solution.

Added Value

By offering the easiest way to create WordPress websites you instantly improve the value of your hosting service and become more desirable to prospective clients.

Improve Customer Retention

BoldGrid users experience fewer website builder frustrations which means reduced technical support contacts and happier customers for web hosts.

Easy for Beginners

BoldGrid makes WordPress simple to use for beginners as a true website builder solution while remaining familiar and flexible enough for experienced users.

Easy to Support

Your WordPress technical expertise carries over to BoldGrid seamlessly. You will not have to learn how to support a whole new system to best serve your clients.

Earn New Revenue

Official partners can earn additional revenue when your hosting customers upgrade to BoldGrid Premium as well as receive web hosting customer leads.

Customer Documentation

With an ever growing library of documentation for our products, you can quickly create your own or reference ours for your customers.

Customer Forums

Customers can easily find their answer on our forums or ask a question.

Company Branding

Have your company branding injected right in the WordPress Dashboard, BoldGrid Central and more. Contact us to find out more.

Easy Integration with Our Hosting Partner Tools

BoldGrid is compatible with any web host that meets the latest standards for supporting WordPress core. With pre-built integrations for Softaculous, Plesk, or cPanel you can enable BoldGrid for your hosting customers instantly!

Take your integration with BoldGrid one step further and become an official hosting partner and receive additional benefits. Official hosting partners can earn additional revenue from BoldGrid Premium upgrades and receive web hosting customer leads from our website.

Provisioning API

Detailed, Informative Docs and Examples with CLI, PHP and JS examples to help you integrate with your platform quickly and efficiently.


We offer Softaculous, cPanel, and Plesk integrations that will allow you to offer auto installation for your customers instantly.

World Class Support

For both you and your customers, get top notch support that is just a message away via Slack or email, however you choose to implement.

Marketing Support

Add the functionality BoldGrid offers to increase your product value of your hosting plans by adding the tools that website owners need.

A Partnership You Can Rely On and Build With

BoldGrid is ideal for WordPress hosting companies with a growing user base that is interested in better supporting WordPress on their platform. Contact us today to learn more about servicing your small and medium business clients today!

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