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Speed Coach Reveals the “Secrets” to a Faster Website and Exactly How to Do It

A faster website means happier visitors and higher rankings on the search engines. With Speed Coach, simply type in your website's URL to receive detailed advice on making your website lightning fast.

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Actionable Steps

Speed Coach does more than just analyze. You’ll also receive a customized report full of actionable steps that will increase both your website’s speed and usability.

Once you start making the recommended changes, use the automated testing feature to observe how your scores improve over time.

Automated WEBSITE SPEED Test

Speed Coach allows you to schedule automated daily tests to ensure your website performs as properly. Results are saved to your Speed Coach dashboard for easy retrieval and comparison.

You can also adjust the number of daily tests within the dashboard. This feature is useful for those making lots of website changes on a regular basis, ensuring that your changes isn't affecting your site speed.


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Speed Coach Performs a Full Spectrum WEBSITE SPEED TEST On the Most Important Metrics that Determine Your Site's Speed

Site Performance

This metric measures overall site performance and provides guidance on improving page speed and site security.

Best Practices

Speed Coach determines if your site follows the recommended practices for a good website experience and provides advice on how to improve.


Measures your site’s ability to render and perform perfectly across all devices.

First Paint

The first page metric measures the amount of time taken for the browser to start rendering the page.

Fully Loaded

Measures the amount of time needed for the browser to fully load the page. This allows you to see how website changes will affect page loading speed.


Measures "time-to-first-byte," the amount of time the web server takes to start sending data to the web browser.

How Would Speed Coach Benefit Me?

Your Site is Dropping in the Search Engine Rankings Due to Slow Load Times

Speed Coach can help you identify most, if not ALL of the factors causing your page to load slowly, as well as provide actionable steps that you can take immediately to resolve the issue.

My Client Says Their Site is Loading Slowly, But It Works Fine For Me!

Since Speed Coach provides a third party analysis of your site speed, you can get the data you need to identify if speed issues are the result of an on-site issue, the web host, or your client’s connection.

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