WordPress Backup Plugin by BoldGrid

<Free> Backup Plugin for Secure Automatic WordPress Backups

The WordPress backup plugin by BoldGrid is an automated backup solution that allows you to secure, restore or move your website with ease.

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WordPress Backup Plugin

The Best Free WordPress Backup Plugin

Included in both Free and Premium versions:

WordPress Easy Backups

Easy Backups

It takes only a couple of clicks to schedule your automated backups. The BoldGrid backup plugin performs a preflight check to ensure your web hosting account offers necessary support.

WordPress Backup Schedule Automation

Schedule Automation

Make your backups automatic by scheduling your preferred day and time of the week. You can also perform auto-backups before updates and auto-rollbacks in case an error occurs.

WordPress Migrate and Restore

Migrate and Restore

Restore your site from up to five stored backup archives at any time. You can even import your BoldGrid backup to restore in a new WordPress installation for easy migration.

Premium features:

Improved Backup Retention

Improved Backup Retention

Store up to 10 backup archives you can manage from the WordPress dashboard. Download, restore, or delete backups with a single click.

WordPress Granular Automation

Granular Automation

Get greater control over your automatic backups with BoldGrid premium, allowing you to schedule backups on any and every day of the week.

WordPress Larger Backups

Larger Backups

BoldGrid Premium allows you to automatically backup a WordPress site of up to 10GB, up from 1GB with the free version.


How To Backup Your WordPress Site

The BoldGrid Backup Plugin will backup your entire WordPress site with just a couple of clicks right in your WordPress dashboard. Just select a time and day for backups to run automatically. Or manually create a backup at any time with a single click. You do not have to worry about how to backup a WordPress site when using BoldGrid.

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