WordPress Page Builder Plugin by BoldGrid

The <Fastest> way to create page layouts with WordPress

The WordPress Page Builder by BoldGrid provides a true WYSIWYG experience while allowing full control over your content. Easily create content rich layouts with a drag and drop builder that actually works – and without having to code nor manage shortcode.

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BoldGrid’s WordPress page builder plugin is the fastest way to create page layouts with WordPress.


WYSIWYG Editor and Text Editor

The BoldGrid Page Builder will empower you to create rich column and row based layouts with the WordPress front end editor without any coding or programming knowledge. Using a drop-in replacement for the WordPress TinyMCE, Page Builder by BoldGrid includes both Visual Editing and Text Editing modes so you can edit and design the best way for you.

  • Drag and drop text, rows or columns of content, and more to modify rich layouts with ease
  • Resize images on the fly when adding or replacing content to maintain your layout without hassle

BoldGrid’s page builder plugin offers a WYSIWYG editor and text editor.


A Page Builder Plugin packed with features

The Page Builder plugin by BoldGrid includes tons of design features all just one click away. Easily try out new icons, section backgrounds, column and row designs, text settings and more. You can even customize our preset icons, images, and backgrounds within the editor to make them your own.

Use BoldGrid’s page builder plugin to try out new icons, section backgrounds, text settings and more.

Free wordpress themes and content

When paired with the BoldGrid Inspirations plugin you can instantly swap between hundreds of mobile responsive themes developed for Page Builder by BoldGrid. Use background images, patterns and other included content to help you get a fast start.

  • Insert Galleries and Forms directly to your pages without the use of shortcode
  • Select from dozens of preformatted content sections: drag, drop, and edit

Swap between hundreds of mobile responsive themes developed for Page Builder by BoldGrid.


Build Pages Faster with Gridblocks

Gridblocks are pre-built page sections consisting of various layouts of rows and columns prepopulated with content that can be managed visually or with HTML and CSS. Gridblocks come in all shapes and sizes with one primary focus, saving you tons of time. You can drag and drop new sections of content right onto your pages and resize and edit them in an instant.

Build pages faster with BoldGrid’s gridblocks


Responsive design and mobile view editor

BoldGrid Page Builder ensures your sites will be accessible on desktop and mobile devices. BoldGrid themes are automatically responsive. And Mobile Editor view allows you to easily set breakpoints to customize your websites mobile experience.

BoldGrid themes are automatically responsive and accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

Page Builder features, libraries, and addons…

  • Image Filters
  • Google Fonts
  • Background Images
  • Background Patterns
  • Page Gradients
  • Google Maps
  • Parallax Effects
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • No Shortcodes
  • Dozens of Predefined Layouts
  • Image Editor
  • Free Download
  • Integrated Image Banks
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Bootstrap Grid

Online and Live Support Available

Our online knowledge base is extensive and constantly growing with new content to support BoldGrid users. Live Support is also available if you host your site with an official BoldGrid hosting partner.

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