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WordPress Performance

Website speed and reliability are crucial for online success. Slow loading times frustrate users and harm your SEO. W3 Total Cache (W3TC) offers powerful solutions to enhance your WordPress site’s performance. To maximize these benefits, W3 Total Cache Premium Services provide additional support and assistance beyond what our standard support team offers.

W3 Total Cache offers two types of premium services – one-time assistance and monthly VIP services.

One-Time Assistance

We have several options for one-time assistance with specific tasks. These include:

  • Performance Audit & Consultation – We will make your site faster and provide a performance report that outlines the improvements and recommendations of what else you can do to optimize your website.
  • Plugin Configuration – We will configure the W3 Total Cache settings that provide a faster website.
  • CDN Configuration: Full-Site Delivery – We will set up the FSD CDN and connect W3TC to the CDN provider.
  • Hosting Environment Troubleshooting – Investigation with full server access on the server restrictions for the W3 Total Cache configuration.
  • Eliminate Render-Blocking Javascripts – We will eliminate render-blocking JS while maintaining the website’s functionality.
  • Investigate Compatibility Issue – Investigation of the compatibility issues of any Theme, plugin, or custom settings with the W3 Total Cache and provide the solution for the optimal configuration.

How to Request One-Time Assistance

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click “Performance” in the left menu
  2. Click the “Support” link in the top right menu
  3. Fill out any relevant details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

VIP Services: Ongoing Monthly Support

If you have a large or complex site, you may want more than one-time assistance. This is why we created our VIP Service. For an ongoing monthly fee, we will monitor your website and make continuous improvements to your website.

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Tailored Performance Optimization

W3 Total Cache VIP Service starts with a detailed website audit. Our experts analyze every part of your site, finding areas to improve. Based on this, we craft personalized strategies to make your website run at its best. Whether you need minor tweaks or major changes, we deliver solutions that fit your specific needs.

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Expert Support and Consultation

Optimizing a website can be complex. W3 Total Cache VIP Services includes priority access to our experts for help with troubleshooting, configuration, or strategy.

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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Web performance isn’t a one-time job; it needs ongoing care. With W3 Total Cache VIP Services, we continuously monitor your site’s performance, performing regular maintenance and updates to keep your caching configurations current. This proactive approach maintains sustained performance and security.

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Investing in W3 Total Cache Premium Services is a strategic move to boost your website’s performance, user experience, and overall success. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best tools and support to make your WordPress site excel. Don’t let slow load times and subpar performance hold you back.

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