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Please note that by the time you see this it may be different as I am going to try using it into a different block

Hi Guys, can you please get back re this?

I think my only option is to revert back to a previous save meaning I will have to re edit.

Guys I tried that and although it made the pictures wider it has also made everything else in the page including all the text much wider than it was before. 

Examples below. first one is the size they should be and 2 is the size they are on live site.. right out to the end of page on each side.. Why has this happened? 

You really need to see this on full screen on computer to see the difference

Here are 2 versions one is seamless and the other an iframe. Your system wouldn't let me paste these for some reason

thanks Guys will try that, but they were ok 2 days ago and I havent touched any of those section width options so this shouldnt be happening?

I wasn't referring to the one image but the page as a whole. 

The page has widened for some reason leaving huge gaps on either side of the text and the larger pictures which are actually your own blocks that are supposed to cover the page from end to end like the main picture does

If you look at the first red block you have shown here as an example that shows you what has happened..e.g. it should be right across the page (no black gaps on either end) as should all the other blocks and large background pictures on the page.  

If you look at the Logo above the picture and the Menu, both of these should actually be at the extreme left and extreme right as you will know from your templates.

So why has this happened?

Hi Jesse, I tried that mate, but a couple of problems. 

The menu text now changes to red instead of white.  

Secondly, even though the sub pages still show in the menu options as sub pages, on the site itself they are now showing as main pages thus still making the menu appear on 2 lines instead on 1.

As I also said before the gap below the logo etc is far too big so surely you guys can give us an option of more than minus 20 to fix this ongoing problem?  

My other suggestion would be to make the main menu itself stretch 2 thirds of the way across the pages thus making it look a lot better being alongside the same row as the logo because if you change the menu either above or below the heading there is a terrible looking big gap which covers the top of the main pic?

Hi Jesse you didn't get back to my reply

The options you gave do not allow me to edit the text I need to and has limited options

Why are there no options to edit ALL the types of text size from H1 right down to paragraph text?