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Ability to copy entire Active to Staging (with Active Theme) without having to recreate it Staging.

Jim 8 months ago • updated by Harry J (Support Agent) 8 months ago 1

Once a site is deployed, we need the ability to copy the deployed site back to staging, exactly as deployed so that we can then try out new things/changes/improvements in staging then re-deploy when ready. 


Thank you for contacting us.

We are currently working on improving the staging capability, and appreciate your feedback. I will pass it along to our development team, and hopefully we will be releasing a new version very soon.

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Changing Header Layouts

Johnathan 10 months ago • updated by Harry J (Support Agent) 10 months ago 1

Having a selection to choose different styles for your header and footer would be a great feature to have. Ideally, it would allow for different options for menus, logo placement, and additional text

Harry J (Support Agent) 10 months ago

Thank you for your suggestion.

This feature is something currently being worked on, and we will be implementing this in a future version of the BoldGrid Theme Framework.


Selecting Different Layouts

user 10 months ago • updated by Harry J (Support Agent) 2 months ago 2

I would like to see a control that would allow me to select different layouts for my pages, such as full width and fixed width


Thank you for your feature request. This is currently something we are implementing within the Theme Framework, and it should be releasing soon.

Under review

Delete Columns

Carlos E 1 year ago • updated by Harry J (Support Agent) 1 year ago 1

 When a column is deleted, can BoldGrid resize the remaining columns evenly? This behavior is present when adding a column or cloning a column, the columns are resized evenly. Currently, the column's spacing remains (on the right most section of the row), even though it has been "deleted". The delete function is almost the same as "Clear Content" because the column space remains. As it stands, you have to manually resize the remaining columns after deleting one, to eliminate the unwanted spacing on the right.

Under review

Can you please call 815-754-0719

ron 1 month ago • updated by arnelc (Customer Community) 1 month ago 1

i need access to my account so i can edit my web page


Conversion and other tracking features

mehinsky12345 1 month ago • updated 4 weeks ago 4

Hello there!

I'm having problems with Google Ads tracking simply because after every page update, as an example, call gtag_report_conversion just got removed so it requires to paste it manually. Anyway, with pasting into the code it doesn't seem to work properly.

Under review

Ability to remove header image from pages other than home page.

tom 3 months ago • updated by Harry J (Support Agent) 2 months ago 1

I don't want the same large image at the top of every one of my pages. Looks great on homepage but don't need it for example on the contact us page.


Ability to name Cloud WordPress Installs

harry 7 months ago • updated by Harry J (Support Agent) 2 months ago 2

When using multiple Cloud WordPress installs in BoldGrid Central, it is hard to keep track of which installation correlates to the site I want to work on. The ability to set a name for them would be a great feature to implement.


Gallery Plug In Enhancement Request

Tim McKay 7 months ago • updated by Harry J (Support Agent) 3 months ago 2

Requesting an enhancement for the Gallery Plug-In. It would be great to be able to directly control the color of the caption text as well as the background color of the text box. As-is, the linking of the text/background color to the global theme colors has limited the ability to get a very clean look (e.g, white background, black text). Also, would be nice to control caption alignment (center, left, right). Thanks for considering.

Under review

Adjusting robots.txt using the SEO Plugin

Harry J (Support Agent) 8 months ago • updated by support (Support Agent) 8 months ago 2

I would like to have the ability to modify my robots.txt file using the BoldGrid SEO Plugin. I currently have to use another plugin for this, and it would be great to have this feature without adding an additional plugin.