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Not a bug

Google bot can't load multiple Boldgrid resources

Myles 5 months ago • updated 1 week ago 3

WooCommerce support outdated in Callaway

bruce 2 weeks ago • updated by BoldGrid (Support Agent) 1 week ago 1
Not a bug

Footer edit not working, cannot remove Special Thanks link

NGC 4 weeks ago • updated by Christopher M (Customer Community) 4 weeks ago 3
Not a bug

Premium Backup Plugin doesn't have a menu to use it

bernadine 4 months ago • updated by pedro65 1 month ago 1

BoldGrid Venetian Theme DropDown Menu Hiding behind pages header element

anonymous 1 year ago • updated by Ryder Moroney 2 months ago 4
Not a bug

Unable to add new social media buttons in menu

idnar667 8 months ago • updated by Iris 2 months ago 5