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Credit card input not working for premium upgrade.

RyanPowell 9 months ago updated by support (Support) 9 months ago 1

I am attempting to upgrade to premium but the cc input is not accepting any text. 

Under review

Hi Ryan, thank you for letting us know about this bug.

Where did you find the credit card input that isn't working as expected? Is it the one found through the Premium Addons section associated with your Connect key?

What browser where you using when you noticed the malfunctioning input? Would it be possible for you to try using a different to access that feature and see if you encounter the same behavior?

I tested that input field using both Chrome and Firefox and so far have been unable to replicate the issue you described, but hopefully we will be able to figure out how to replicate this issue and make any necessary corrections.

Thank you again for reporting this issue and please let us know if you have any additional questions for us while we get this sorted out.